Are these newer anime worth watching?

Twice a year, I find that there are enough interesting new anime to look into what I might want to watch and ask my anime informed readers “Are these never anime worth watching?” This is the list from the first half of this year and, below, a short review of the anime I ended up watching from my last list.

Kabaneri of the Iron FortressMain

Joker Gamejoker-game_ryyr.1920


Konosuba might have been on my list if it didn’t rely on a second season, for the sake of reading a light novel or have lower ratings than Gate, which I still haven’t watched yet. NOW for the anime I watched from my previous list…
GANGSTA_ANIME_POSTER2Like Gungrave, ‘Gangsta’ has fallen into my list of Great Anime You Don’t Hear About Often, which I will eventually add a review to. Although not enough to join my recommendations timeline, it has been added to my top 50 which will be updated and posted on this blog in the near future.

Is Worth Watching

1441919510-0e74e7edb6002de100a613224528f3a5‘Rokka No Yuusha’ was a very top heavy anime, and although I really enjoyed the first half, the pacing just died in the second and I’m not too sure if I’ll watch the second season, no matter how much the rest of the series may rely on it.

Might Be Worth Watching

610776I haven’t watch ‘Gate’ yet but it’s been popular enough now that I’m sure it will get dub soon, which as a lazy son of a blogger, will be when I watch and review it because… again, 2nd season syndrome. Also, it looks like it’s becoming just another fantasy harem anime.

Haven’t Watched

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12 Responses to Are these newer anime worth watching?

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  2. Akaluv says:

    I always see ads for Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, so I better just watch it already 😛

    • Lazarinth says:

      Sorry I took so long to reply, I could have sworn I commented to everyone on this post. I’ve been told it’s Attack on Titan (or the steam punk aspect at least) with zombies and powers. Honestly, it looks great and I’d be interested in what you think of it.

  3. Silvachief says:

    I’ve gone ahead and added those initial two to my list (the others were already on it) since they look like they have potential. If you don’t mind waiting a few years i’ll tell you if they’re any good =P

  4. Karandi says:

    Gangst was fantastic and really stood out from most of the other titles that came out around the same time. I also really love Gate but it definitely is heading down the fantasy harem path even while it tries to look at some more serious issues.
    I look forward to reading your reviews.

    • Lazarinth says:

      Great, the gangsta one will be around the same time as I rewrite my top 50. Probably around the release of my next book. Hope you stick around!

  5. I loved gangsta. So upset the studio went bankrupt.

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