Are these newer anime worth watching?

I understand that when it comes to the anime watching community there are different layers to the filtering system that determines the good from the bad and the popular from the unpopular. There those at the top of this system that watch EVERYTHING, those that watch only what looks interesting to them and those like me. Being at the bottom of this system I have conceded that I only watch the anime that have made it through this process. Because of this I want anyone who has watched the anime on this list to tell me if they are worth watching because I’ve heard mixed reviews on all of them. Yes? No? Overrated? Lives up to the hype? I want your answers. You can point me to some reviews or stats if you want. Who knows, I might end up watching all of them.



Akame ga Kill


Tokyo Ghoul


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14 Responses to Are these newer anime worth watching?

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  2. I actually prefer Akame ga Kiru to the other two, but I will confess that the manga is much better than the anime. Though, the voice actors really bring the characters of Akame ga Kiru to life, and the fights keep getting better until we reach the climax: Esdeath vs. Akame. I haven’t watched either Parasyte or Tokyo Ghoul, but I prefer fantasy to sci-fi and horror, so that explains why.

  3. Mack says:

    Would it be weird saying I haven’t seen any of those because I’m not interested in them? D:
    Maybe Parasyte….

  4. Kai says:

    If I were to rank these 3 anime, I would personally go Parasyte > Tokyo Ghoul > Akame ga Kill. Out of all of them, Parasyte has the most interesting concept and the pacing is good. Tokyo Ghoul is similar and also have good ideas but falls a bit short in terms of pacing, haven’t watch S2 yet myself. Akame ga Kill is basically shounen with actual deaths.

  5. Like the post above, I watched Tokyo Ghoul and sort of liked it, but don’t think I will be watching the sequel since there was little noteworthy about the 1st. Heard all sorts of mixed opinions on Parasyte and Akame ga Kill, mostly ga Kill being rushed and crappy, but I’m enjoying Parasyte at the moment. I used be the person that could watch everything, but now just pick titles and try to watch them without dropping and the ones I feel like chucking, get back to them before the year ends. Well, minus a few outliers. So far it works, but not necessarily a great way to evaluate each season or engage with the material.

    • Lazarinth says:

      Parasyte is already far up on MAL’s top anime so I’ll probably check that out first. It’s funny how all these popular shows have gore and blood as their appeal.

  6. Silvachief says:

    While i’m a bottom-feeder like you (ick…that hurt to write), i’ve heard some pretty good stuff about all of those series and plan to watch them once the Blu-Ray encodes are released.

  7. I haven’t watched any of those shows, as I focus on UK releases, but I hear Parasyte is good.

  8. nanoelite says:

    I watched Tokyo Ghoul a couple weeks ago and it was alright for me. Although I am a big fantasy/gore/action lover so my suggestion could be biased. It went way to fast for the story and left you wondering about alot! Some gore was censored by black outline haha I found it boring at times but when the action picked up it was interesting. I probably wouldnt watch it again though. The one thing that was really good was the ending! It was pretty epic. And its different from the manga so the second season will be a whole new story altogether. I havent watched parasyte but i have heard its pretty good.

    • Lazarinth says:

      So far it’s been Akame; overrated, Ghoul; okay and Parasyte; “heard it was good”;

      • nanoelite says:

        Alright I watched Parasyte to its 15th episode which that is where its at on the season and to be honest I really enjoyed it. Parasyte reminds me of Tokyo Ghoul but is 10x better. The character development is the best. I couldnt stop watching it. I give it a 9/10 ..btw have you watched “Rage of Bahamut: Genesis” yet? Its pretty awesome.

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