5 Modern Authors You Should Definitely Try

Here are some recent authors (published after 2005) that I would suggest anyone to pick up in the future if you ever see them in a book store. Other authors published before 2005 won’t be included so if you don’t see your favorite author on this list make sure you look up when their first book was published. These are all just brilliant.

Brandon Sanderson














This guy pumps out quality material faster than any of the authors following. And when I say quality I’m saying that two of his series are on my top 10 books with Way of Kings being my all time favorite. They are generally a decent length and always have a damn satisfying ending that he’s well known for.

Patrick Rothfuss


This guy kind of pisses me off. He has only release two books in the last 7 years but that doesn’t stop them from being quality works and big enough to consist of two rather large novels each. But if this guy doesn’t released the 3rd book of the Kingkiller Chronicles next year all my support for him will vanish.

Joe Abercrombie


This guy has probably made the most memorable characters I have ever read. Dark humor and gritty action is where this man lives and the dialogue is enough to make even the most cynical man laugh. The surprising thing is that he started off great and then just kept on getting better. He has one world he writes in, but what a world it is.

Brent Weeks


This guy’s second series was 10 times better then his first trilogy. If I do recommend this author I recommend only his second series; The Lightbringer Saga. Let’s just say he has gotten better, much better. So much better that he has joined the ranks of Sanderson, Rothfuss and George R.R. Martin by winning the David Gemmel Award.

Scott Lynch


The final author on this list is one clever writer shown how by how smart his characters are. He is the last on the list because his stories don’t reach to same epic proportions as the others but I have to say it’s getting there. Even so his Gentlemen Bastards Series is fresh and brilliant not without it’s own ups-and-downs.

There are couple of even newer authors like Peter V. Brett, Mark Lawrence, Luke Skull and Richard Ford who I would also whole heartily recommend but only if you have read the guys above before hand. They are the creme of the crop, but if you have any modern author not on this list that you think I should try I’d be more than willing to take recommendations.

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3 Responses to 5 Modern Authors You Should Definitely Try

  1. Silvachief says:

    Given how long it takes me to read books nowadays, there goes my next two or three years of reading ^_^

    • Silvachief says:

      Funnily enough, i’ve never read books by any of those authors.

      • Lazarinth says:

        Lol ditto for me when having to finish Codex Alera with 30 other books and series lined up behind it, also going through Dresden Files with Hayley and reading various scifi books while going through Happy Hour in Hell at work. We’ve given each other a rather large mountain of books to climb. For me, these 5 series is it. There is nothing really better than these 5 that I’ve found in all my long time of exploring of fantasy and I will not recommend anything else in that media for a very long time.

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