Voted Best Tales Game

1395735843510325678When writing my favorite anime and books lists, I’m not afraid to admit to using a bit of confirmation bias, after all they’re my favorites. But when doing a ‘best of’ list, I need to crank out something a little more accurate, not confirmation bias but selection bias. That’s right, nothing like an internet consensus through a wide variety of voted on lists and polls to give the illusion of an objective countdown. I will add the websites that these polls were on and add any I’ve missed later if they can be found.

pollsFind Links to Polls Below
(Link any missing polls in the comments section)

Frequently in the Top 6

Tales of Xillia/2 (3 Times)tox17_thumb

Tales of Phantasia (4 Times)tales-of-phantasia

Tales of Graces F (5 Times)1395735843715163566

Most Commonly in the Top 3

Tales of Symphonia (5 Times)tales-of-symphonia-1

Tales of the Abyss (7 Times)b0006633_4cd19f313ae0a

Highest Number of Votes

Tales of Vesperia (7 Times)1395735844720891822


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