The best Tales games

tales-of-kizna-mobageFrequently in the Top 6

Tales of Xillia/2 (3 Times)tox17_thumb

Tales of Phantasia (4 Times)tales-of-phantasia

Tales of Graces F (5 Times)1395735843715163566

Most Commonly in the Top 3

Tales of Symphonia (5 Times)tales-of-symphonia-1

Tales of the Abyss (7 Times)b0006633_4cd19f313ae0a

Highest Number of Votes

Tales of Vesperia (7 Times)1395735844720891822


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2 Responses to The best Tales games

  1. Japesland says:

    This is a series I’ve been meaning to get into for a long time. This is a nicely-compiled list!

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