Maximum Ride Film Adaptation

maximumride_posterMaximum Ride was one of the first books that got me into audiobooks when I was a teen, a love affair that is still going on to this day. The portrayal of this young adult, bio punk book series, featuring winged children, calming music and creepy voice modulators for Max’s inner voice, really helped to get into my head and intrigue me enough to search for other audiobooks that could measure up to it. Few have. It made me read the sequels as hard copies when the audio versions wouldn’t be released fast enough, being one of the select few books that kept me reading into my adult years.

The idea of this book being adapted in a book excited me, got my hopes up and then shattered them when finally watching the horrific failing of this vanity project. Suffering from a director that seemed to think this film was an art piece, terrible pacing, cancerous CGI and green screen, and splitting the book in a way that is begging for a sequel, this film makes television special effects look good and maybe could have passed off for a B Netflix show. But to the woe of Maximum Ride fans everywhere, that probably don’t know this film exists because of its non-existent advertising budget, you get this one warning: don’t watch this film.

Total Rank: 2/10

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2 Responses to Maximum Ride Film Adaptation

  1. Wow. I honestly had no idea this movie even existed. Was it a theatrical release?

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