A Visual Tour of Stuck in the Game

DSS Cover

Noah finds himself in a game tutorial after a car crash that leaves him and his girlfriend, Sue, in a critical condition.


Noah enters the Dream State through a Gateway to meet with Data, his new in-game protector.


Noah and Data go to the Widows’ Forest to get Arachnid Silk for Spellcaster Robes.


Noah takes a Gateway from Galrinth to Toena after meeting with his old friend, David.

Put characters in wallpaper

David and his friends, Chloe and Keri, take Noah to the Mishiji Temple dungeon to help him gain Skill Points.


Noah and Data go to the Penance Mines where the mysterious Bitcon attacks them, but they are saved by Siena_the_Blade.


Noah and Siena fight the Golem at the end of the Penance Mines.


Returning to Galrinth, Noah sees a Wanted poster of his old friend Brock and decides to meet up with him.


Noah and Brock do the Lucineer Glacier dungeon where Noah gains his first Crystal Blade.


Noah first uses his Crystal Blades in a player vs player fight in the Goblin Dungeon.


Noah, Siena, David and his friends complete the Goblin Dungeon.


Noah and Keri walk along the beach before they are attacked by Bitcon. Defeating him, they find a clue that Sue might be trapped somewhere in the game.


In preparation for a higher tier dungeon, Data takes Noah to Onjira to get Ironwood for a Cursed Druid’s Staff.


Noah, Data and Siena complete the Druids’ Keep dungeon to get the Cursed Druid’s Staff.


Noah returns to Onjira and arranges to meet up with Keri.


Keri takes Noah to the Tranquil Grotto where he finds another clue hinting that Sue is being held captive in a Tertiatier Dungeon.


Data takes Noah to Sky Island for a Mount to get to the Tertiatier Dungeon where he believes Sue is being held.


Noah fights his way up the Penance Peaks to get to the Tertiatier Gateway.


Noah and his friends confront Bitcon in the Tertiatier Dungeon where Sue is being kept. Bitcon’s true intentions are then revealed (and yes, this gif is from Chrono Trigger).

To go any further into the story would be to go into spoiler territory so I’ll let you decide if you want to continue the story by putting a link to the novel here. Click the image below to continue the journey.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00062]


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2 Responses to A Visual Tour of Stuck in the Game

  1. SkeithKing says:

    Have to say this gives me a very .hack/sign feel

    • Lazarinth says:

      You’ll find that’s the case with most LitRPG. Although Noah isn’t as cripplingly depressing a Tsukasa, there are similarities and I’m glad you said .hack/sign and not sword art online. The main difference is that there’s an actual reason Noah’s trapped in the game that actually makes sense in the scheme of the wider story.

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