Podcast & Blog Interviews for Stuck in the Game

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00062]Over the last three weeks I’ve been interviewed for my new book by blogs, newspapers and on the radio. I finally have been given enough links to justify doing a post about it on here. Time for some shameless narcissisim!

screenshot_2016-09-27-16-42-22-1Here is a podcast I did on Jessie’s Coffee Shop on KLRN radio that you can listen to here.

Here is one I did for a book review blog called ‘Magic of Books’ which you can read here.

And this tiny picture of one that was in a NZ newspaper, more for publicity than an interview.

Like with future reviews, I’m going to be compiling any new interview links I get for future posts rather than just post them out one at a time as they arrive so that those uninterested in my self agrandizement can more easily ignore them.

In any case, in my next round of reviews I should be getting one back from Russell Meek, one of my favorite NZ fantasy authors. ENJOY!

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