How Identity Politics Will END Western Civilization

Do the sins of the father get passed down to the son? If not, then it shouldn’t be hard to believe that no one should be judged for who they are, but only what they’ve done. If yes, be careful there’s nothing horrible in your own ancestry, because through sheer statistical odds, there will be.

From this, it’s not hard to see how identity politics can be harmful, either for yourself or for others. Because we live in a time of broad brush generalizations where technology has allowed for mass narcissism, the target of harm will more likely be ‘the other’ through the method that’s ironically named ‘Othering’. But there’s a deeper philosophical issue at the heart this new Original Sin, and that’s that words like ‘racism’, ‘sexim’, ‘homophobia’ and ‘transphobia’ have shed their meanings to become the new ‘heretic’, ‘heathen’ and ‘sinner’ for any non-believer who thinks these terms meaningless, and those screaming the words have become the new puritans in a type of modern day witch hunt.

“The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists” -Winston Churchil

One only need look at the methods of the believers for silencing dissenters through censorship be it forced or coerced to acknowledge their influence. Although to less of a physical and more of a social or professional extent, just like how a common type of person became the dominant victim of the witch hunts back then, the skin color and sex of the founders of western civilization have suddenly become this victim, not because of what they did, but who they are.

It’s because they were the founders and the benefactors of the environment they designed specifically to allow them to prosper that those who were brought into the fold felt at a loss. And despite living in an environment that allowed them a far greater quality of life than most other places on the planet they feel entitled to equality of outcome rather instead of equality of opportunity, which even most among their own kind also aren’t given.

“When the lion feeds there is meat left for those that follow.” – Mbejane

In a frenzied attempt to rewrite history so that they don’t get caught up in their own hubris, these identity politicians have also forgotten what it has taught us. The fall of a civilization doesn’t have to come from without but through a corruption from within, as The Asyrian Empire, The Roman Empire and several other dead empires can attest to, it is the dismissal of the values that allowed it to come to be that will lead to its decay.

Identity politics is the complete dismissal these core values of liberalism. Where once the ideas of disregarding someone’s biology was seen as a noble aspiration, now the soft bigotry of low expectations has convinced people of the false necessity of giving out hand outs and handicaps like race or sex based scholarship, job quotas and court biases. Instead of speaking for themselves, entire industries and personalities have been created out of defending or promoting homosexuals or intersex individuals, giving many individuals with a minority lifestyles attention they neither deserved nor desired in many cases.

The irony behind these corrupting influences is that the terms were spawned from the overreaching in liberal values by people who were trying to improve life for others, but these well-meaning advancements became the corrupting influence known as ‘progressivism’. From it, ideas like ‘affirmative action’ evolved to become ‘diversity’, and ‘freedom from’ movements like first wave feminism and black civil rights evolved into ‘freedom to’ movements like third wave feminism and Black Lives Matters.

“History is only the pattern of silken slippers descending the stairs to the thunder of hobnailed boots climbing upward from below.” -Voltaire

These ideals will continue to evolve in a spreading virus of harmful ideologies undermining the founding principles that these Trojan narcissists are hiding behind, like the bratty child hiding behind the shirts of it’s doting parents, unaware that it’s the very thing that’s going destroy everything they’ve worked toward. It’s not who you are, but how you think and act that will determine the outcome.

This is why progressives freak me way out more than Islam and North Korea, because not only will they justify their takeover in the name of diversity, they’ll roll out the red carpet for them in the hope that they don’t get their feelings hurt.

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