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[Anime Review] Kill La Kill… Really Didn’t Need to be 24 Episodes

In response to my Where is Your Anime Comfort Zone? post I noticed a trend in the comments that Kill La Kill was the borderline of most people’s anime comfort zone or at least one of the most popular anime with … Continue reading

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Where is Your Anime Comfort Zone?

Where is your comfort zone on this anime continuum?I haven’t watched all of these anime but I’ve watched enough scenes from them to give me an idea of what kind of explicit content they consist of. Honestly, I wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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First Reaction to the 2nd Arc of SAO (Accompanied by its Blatant Fan Service)

So was the second arc of SAO really that terrible? If you’re comparing it to the first arc of SAO, then not really, but if you compare it almost every other anime, then yes. I mean most of the plot was copied … Continue reading

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