Chapter 3: Assault

It felt like I was fighting myself, like my body had become my worst enemy. My mind was a murk of pain that an object all of a sudden seemed to pierce. It jabbed at me like a blade, a malicious face behind it. Eventually the object parted my lips but couldn’t get through the barrier of my clenched teeth. I was safe.

The owner of the malicious face reached through the murk with its other hand, pinching my nose and making it difficult to breathe. Eventually I was forced to open my mouth to get a gulp of air, and as I did, the object plunged into my mouth before withdrawing again, leaving something on my tongue. Whatever it was, it tasted okay, and my instincts told me to chew and swallow it, before the object returned to attack me again.

I was assaulted by the malicious presence several more times. I fought it bravely each time it forced the object into my mouth. Oddly, by the seventh assault, the murk around me began to clear and I felt like someone had just lit a torch in my mind. That’s when I looked up and saw that the person assaulting me didn’t looked malicious at all. She was smiling.

“Quite a stubborn one you picked up, Black,” the redheaded girl said. “But look at that, you finished it all.”

The Kiddie Catcher looked down at me, eyes as dark as his navy blue jacket. “You calling someone else stubborn is enough to praise him, Red.” Continue reading

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Stuck in the Game Live Reading on SBTL

Maybe because it was my stuff he was reading but listening to this made me laugh a lot. It’s almost like hearing about yourself sleep talking with a word for word reenactment.

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First in the Game Release and Interview

Dream State Saga now has a short prequel, FIRST IN THE GAME, foreshadowing the events of book three and detailing the science and technology behind how a dream-based gaming system might work.

[Read Here]

I was also recently interviewed by the Christchurch Writers Guild which you can read over on their website if you are interested in finding out more about me, how I got published and my upcoming projects.

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Chapter 1: The Last Ologist

Not many people know what it’s like to give an army the order to genocide an entire race of people, especially when those people were your own. It was all a matter of perspective, to separate yourself from them and recreate yourself as something else, something grander. To make himself the new God of this world, Mason had done just that.

For a long time he had shared the title the people of this planet had given him and rest of his crew. After arriving, the local population had asked who they were and why they could do the seemingly magical things they could. They had attempted to identify themselves by their professions, as though this primitive population could understand such titles. They were geologists, meteorologists and anthropologists, but the people only picked up the common sound between them, and with a certain reverence, began calling them Ologists, a word that would spread quickly throughout the world along with the tales of their so-called “powers.”

They were, each of them, scientists and so they had experimented. Testing to see if the nearly seven millennia of separation had changed their DNA enough to make their offspring no longer viable. This turned out not to be the case, giving birth to an entirely new generation of people with their genetic advantages, but with no instinctual capacity of how to use them properly. After years of breeding with the local population and the hundreds of Ologist mix-breeds they produced, the refusal of his colleagues the cull these dangerous offspring forced him to separate himself from them and manipulate the pure blooded population to wipe them out. Soon only he would remain, the last Ologist, their God.

Standing in his new throne room, he looked down at the six burned corpses spread out before him. Archaic torches lit the stone hall, one of the many fortified shelters the inhabitants had created to weather the harsh storms the planet received regularly. The sight of the bodies displeased him, not because they were people he once would have considered his friends, but because there was one missing. Continue reading

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Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne by Brian Staveley [Trilogy Review]

Also known as The Emperor’s Blade trilogy after the first book in the series, this is another great fantasy epic I plan on adding to my top fantasy list. I read book one back when it was first released in 2014, and along with the many other fantasy stories I read back then, was content with the first book, deciding Staveley’s writing was alright but that he was no Brandon Sanderson. After the third book was released last year, and having no other books to read at the time, I decided to try book two, knowing it was something I could lose myself in for a while. I’m glad I did. The second book was fantastic and the third was just as good. I quickly realized that the reason the first book was only alright was because it was setting up for the rest of the series, and if it weren’t for the delivery, would have been its downfall. Continue reading

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[Music Spotlight] My Hero Academia: You Say Run & Yuki Hayashi

Yuki Hayashi is insane. Not only does the majority of his music hype you up like a good anime OP but his stuff all has it’s own upbeat but intense flavoring to it that I freaking love! You Say Run is a great example of his work, perfected from his music in Haikyuu!!

That being said I love most of his stuff so I wouldn’t be doing my job if i didn’t link a little playlist of his best stuff to listen to while browsing the net. Have fun! Seems like My Hero Academia is going to be next anime to get a category on this blog, way to revive Shonen.

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Cover Art Reveal [UPDATE]

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