[Announcement] Paperback Release of Back in the Game!!!

Both Stuck in the Game and Back in the Game have been available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited for a few months but there are still people out there who prefer reading books the old fashion way. If you want a pretty cover and to feel the pages as they slide over your fingers, you can! Happy now? Click here to BUY MY FUCKING BOOK! *heavy breathing*

Honestly, there’s been so many delays for Gods of the Mountain you might as well get into this series instead, book 3 is more likely to come out before it does anyway. The paperbacks have been released alongside the Kindle Unlimited versions on Amazon. Give it a go if you haven’t already, give me a scathing review if you have, or maybe a good one if you liked it, and then we’ll be best friends forever.

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Chapter 4: Beginning a story at chapter 4 is not the best way to go about writing a book

Tessa Belle was lying on the back of Graytail listening to the new Shingle single when there was a flutter in the air. Maybe it was because she had never been this far out of the outer circle but she sat up in a panic and was suddenly on guard. If Graytail had been a real cat and not a machine, its fur would have been standing on end. She pulled off her noise-blocker headphones and heard the rumbling of crunching armored footfalls. Panic hit her and she shot to her feet.

Marauders… this far out?

However, as she got a closer look at the dust on the horizon and pulled out her binoculars, she saw she had been wrong. Those silver and red colors could only mean one thing: a battalion of Clerics. They were coming at speed, five in all, their massive mechanized bodies with their singular red eyes coming closer with every second. Tessa knew she wouldn’t be able to outrun them, their armor was far superior to Graytail’s. Still, she pushed the release to open the cockpit and jumped into the seat as the visor lowered.

She hesitated before starting the engines. They can’t be after me, can they?

Trepidation filled her. She knew if she took off that not only would they outrun her, but her very fleeing would cause them to start the chase, thinking her to be a heathen on the run from Mason’s lessons. She had to find a way to, if not make herself invisible, then at least make herself less noticeable out here in the middle of nowhere.

“Gray, activate top parachute.”

At her command, a massive gray chute exploded from between the armor’s shoulder blades and spread out over the length of its top half. She couldn’t tell if it covered all of Graytail’s long body but she didn’t have time to get out and check while sticking to her plan of not drawing attention to herself. She did the only thing she could do. She sat and she waited as the roaring armors drew closer. Continue reading

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Ode to Joy [Anime/VN/Game Music Spotlight]

Each time I do a classical music spotlight for an anime and visual novel I always find a remixed version of it on G-Senjou no Maou. I think I’m going to have to do a post linking each of its BGM to the classical pieces of music that inspired them. Believe it or not, the first time I heard this masterpiece was the original piece of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony in Neon Genesis Evangelion episodes 25, and watching this scene haunts me even today.

And here’s the G-Senjou no Maou version, Hiru no Asobi. It is, without a doubt, a hell of a lot more upbeat in comparison to Evangelion clip. Like many of the songs on that OST, it’s fun to find the melody within the remix, which it seems, to do that post I mentioned, before I’m going to have to do. It’s always trip when you finally recognize it.

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Watching Things More Than Once

Note: “Watching” in this post will apply to reading, listening, playing, and every other means in which people consume media.

We are flooded with a never ending, updating mountain of media to consume. It’s almost gotten to the point that people with limited time have to orientate their priorities around watching something to the point that it feels like work itself. So, when people say after you’ve watched some form of media, “It’s one of those things you have to watch more than once” a lot of us take this statement with a grain of salt and stick with our first impressions of that thing.

However, the fact is that some media needs to be watched more than once as the average consumer will not pick up everything that needs to be picked up from the first viewing. When people critically review these things without watching them twice, I take their review with a grain of salt in turn. For instance, if someone were to give Cowboy Bebop a negative review, I would assume they only watched it once. This is because many of the little quirks and character interactions don’t truly make sense until you have gotten to know them, which you can only truly understand once you have watched the whole series. Continue reading

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Publication Update and Advanced Reader Copies

After yet another cover image was declined (the one in the previous post), the release date of my book has been delayed until a third cover has been created. So this time I’m getting a proper, non-inhouse artist to do the cover for them.

There are two things I need for this, anyone who knows any artists willing to do cover art for reasonable prices please contact me so I can put them on to my publisher. Also any bloggers or authors willing to go through an advanced reader copy for review or quote for the front of the book (or know someone who would) contact me or leave something in the comments.

I have a few months leeway before the book comes out now, so those reading an ARC have more time and I also have more time to find authors and bloggers who might be willing to do it. Will this turn out for the best or will people just get sick of waiting? Who knows. Either way, thanks to anyone who helps me with this.

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Epic Fantasy New Cover Art and Release Date Update

After discovering that there were TWO other authors who were using the exact same image as me for their cover art (one of which is being published by Harper Voyager!), I negotiated heatedly with my publisher to get another image for my cover – being five days left until the book’s launch! Don’t worry, the release date will still be the 7th, but whether or not the cover art will be updated in time for its launch will be left to fate and fortune.

Here’s the new cover art!

Whether it’s updated in time or not, I won’t be posting the launch on here until the cover art is updated. Of course, depending on if you like this cover art or the first version should tell you if you should wait until it’s changed or not. It’s really up to you, but the first version will only be up for a limited time, so if limited time, rare covers are your thing, I’d get in quickly. If you want the official cover, wait until I release the launch post with the Amazon link.

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Chapter 3: Assault

It felt like I was fighting myself like my body had become my worst enemy. My mind was a murk of pain that an object all of a sudden seemed to pierce. It jabbed at me like a blade, a malicious face behind it. Eventually, the object parted my lips but couldn’t get through the barrier of my clenched teeth. I was safe.

The owner of the malicious face reached through the murk with its other hand, pinching my nose and making it difficult to breathe. Eventually, I was forced to open my mouth to get a gulp of air, and as I did, the object plunged into my mouth before withdrawing again, leaving something on my tongue. Whatever it was, it tasted okay, and my instincts told me to chew and swallow it before the object returned to attack me again.

I was assaulted by the malicious presence several more times. I fought it bravely each time it forced the object into my mouth. Oddly, by the seventh assault, the murk around me began to clear and I felt like someone had just lit a torch in my mind. That’s when I looked up and saw that the person assaulting me didn’t look malicious at all. She was smiling.

“Quite a stubborn one you picked up, Black,” the redheaded girl said. “But look at that, you finished it all.”

The Kiddie Catcher looked down at me, eyes as dark as his navy blue jacket. “You calling someone else stubborn is enough to praise him, Red.” Continue reading

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