Best Anime Action Film?

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Share and Win Free Books

unnamedI’m helping my publishers with this promo where you can get free books if you share this link. Not sure how it works, but I want free books myself anyway so this will help me in the long run.

Now fly my monkeys! FLY!

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My Grand Scheme for the Next 3 Years

My main goal for the next three years is simply to become a distinguished fantasy author.

I’m not deluded enough to think that I’m going to be one of the few lucky authors who gets picked up by a major publisher with a six figure deal in the first couple of years being an author. To be realistic, I know I needed to build up both my skill and credentials before getting recognized, and that’s what my goals for the next 3 years are going to focus on.

Presently I’m going through a period I like to call “Cleaning out my closet” where I’m taking all of the older novels I wrote before I was published, polishing them up and seeing if I can get any hooks with the credentials I have built so far.

Here is a catalogue of the books I’m hoping to have published in the next three years:
Dream State Saga

1. Stuck in the Game   2. Back in the Game   3. Glitch in the Game   4. Death in the Game

Super Dungeon Explore

5. Wrath of the Midnight Queen

A Cycle of Blades Trilogy

1. Gods of the Mountain   2. The Poison Crown   3. Ending the Cycle

The Tandayum Duo

1. Shatter Sphere   2. Shattered City

Along with several other novels that aren’t yet under contract, these are the books in my closet that I’m going to clean out before 2020. After this, with all of the experience and skills it will give me, I’m going to start writing under a pseudonym that will coalesce everything I’ve learned into a series of novels for marketing to one of the big five (Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Macmillan Publishers, Hachette).

Obviously the books not under contract are the ones that will get the most attention after those above are published, after I’ll be what my friend called a, “dozen books deep” and have enough credentials under my own steam to add to my more marketable sales pitch.

It’s a gamble, but an educated gamble, and whether or not it pays off will determine whether or not this hobby becomes a realistic career, a dream I’ve had since I was a child.

Hobby => Career => Dream.

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New Book Contract

Phew! Just signed a publishing contract with Solstice for my epic fantasy series. 350,000 words, 5 years and a heck of a lot editing signed away in less than a minute. I feel lighter for some reason.

The real question is: Do any of my readers out there enjoy the epic fantasy genre? I have a feeling there’s a few of you on on my list. Even if you don’t, if you enjoy any kind of fantasy (which I assume you do if you’re following this blog), I’m going to be relying on you to give this book a fighting chance when it’s released.

Anything from a review to a comment, from sharing it to telling your friends who like fantasy; I appreciate every bit of support you have to give. And hopefully you enjoy the book as well, this has been a passion project of mine for the good part of five years and I think anyone who reads it will be able to tell.

I haven’t been given a release date yet, but I’ll be sure to post an update with it’s coming up.

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Why eXistenZ is the Best Gaming Movie

existenz_poster_02David Cronenberg is a pretty well known director, his fame and style having been passed onto the younger generation from the term used for the freakish mutants in Rick & Morty. Despite being one of his later films, eXistenZ was the first of his films that I watched and I was surprised by the elements that coincided with LitRPG books, where the uncertainty of reality and being in-game is used as a central mystery that many cyberpunk films have used since. Unlike most of Cronenberg’s earlier films that cast James Woods, Jude Law is given the hero’s role, and for something that was overshadowed by the Matrix, I still think this is the best video game centered film not based off an already existing property. Continue reading

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Why the “White Washing” Made Sense (Spoilers for Ghost in the Shell)

I’ve watched the Ghost in the Shell film twice now, and although it’s really only just a ‘good’ film by most measures (it’s still far better than any other western, life action anime adaptation so far), anyone who said anything about white washing being bad for this film should immediately swallow their own words upon watching it. Although, it should be rather obvious that anyone who uses such dismissive language wouldn’t give this film the time of day in the first place, ironically making their complaints vacuous from the start.

Makoto Kusanagi is Japanese and this is shown in flash backs in the third act of the film. The question of why she is put into a Caucasian body, Scarlet Johanson, actually makes more sense in the context of the film than if she had been given an Asian body. The first point to eliminate is that she looks Japanese in the anime. She doesn’t, nor does it mention whether her body is supposed to look Japanese or have any connection with her ethnicity. Either way, her being Caucasian in the film makes way more sense in the film than it does in the anime. Why? Because the villain is trying to make sure she doesn’t discover her past! What better way to do this than changing her very identity so she’s less likely to discover who her parents were and what happened to her as a child? Using a white actress made sense in the context of the film, so why are people still complaining? Continue reading

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Stuck in the Game = Amazon Best Seller?

One last thing before I go…

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