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Another hurtle toward the triple digits has been passed.

Thank you, Maestro, for being my 300th follower!

Posts will follow.


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My first Audiobook has been released!

Any audiobook lovers out there, because Gods of the Mountain has been published as one. If this medium is your preference, this easily is the best example of my writing to date.
It hasn’t yet had a single bad review! XD


For the reviews: https://www.amazon.com/Gods-of-the-Mountain/dp/B07DTGN465/ref=tmm_aud_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

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My response to an article from a Sasuke Fan-boy.


Original article: https://imgur.com/a/Iybcq5z

What you wrote on imgur was (both grammatically and argumentatively) bad:

Sasuke’s story is of a Shinobi who descended into the darkness
(By joining an evil group of shinobi, ironically something Itachi himself did, despite saying he wouldn’t follow in his brother’s footsteps. He did it to become strong enough to beat Itachi, despite knowing that Orochimaru had already been defeated by him and wanted his body for this reason. Duh-doi!)

& eventually rose to the light.
(Showing that either he realized his motives were stupid because he was proven wrong by Naruto, or that he still believed in them but just didn’t have the resolve to see them through.)

[Overcoming] his desire for revenge & his clan’s curse of hatred. [Dangling participle]
(A clan of one… congratulations, I guess?)

[Becoming] one of the greatest protectors of not only Konoha, but the world. [Dangling participle]
(I’m not going to argue for or against Boruto, the title speaks for itself.)

[Supporting] from the shadows like a true Shinobi. [Dangling participle]
(“Like” is a stretch here. Someone needs to look up the history of shinobi.)

Ever since his older brother murdered their clan,
(Completely unnecessary to stop a coup. It says in the manga that not all Uchiha were involved, so basically he killed hundreds of innocents for no other reason than a potential future insurrection, which Sasuke does anyway. So basically a whole clan dies for no reason. Good job, Itachi!)

Sasuke wanted to avenge their family by killing him.
(This is the only part of Sasuke’s story that makes sense. If his story was one of his desire for revenge turning into a desire for justice for his people, there would actually be a moral to this story, but no.)

He vowed that no matter what[] he would gain the power to do so. [Missing comma]
(Except following Itachi’s path by not killing Naruto to get the mangekyou sharingan, which wait, he decides doesn’t matter later on… and follows a group of wanted ninja… and become a mass murderer himself… where is a consistency here? That’s right, there is none.)

[Which] eventually led him to abandoning his comrades & village to achieve his goal. [No subject]
(To go learn from someone that he knows Itachi already defeated, which he knows wants to use his body, and which he knows is weaker than many of the S-Ranked ninja in Konoha!)

After fighting [Itachi] to the death, [he] learned the truth. [Subject switch]
(Itachi dies of a sickness which would have killed him anyway, making Sasuke’s revenge quest completely pointless other than to see it happened by other means than his own.)

[That] Itachi was ordered to kill their clan on behalf of Konoha to stop them from committing a Coup against the Government that oppressed them. [Dangling participle]
(Which Itachi could have refused to do considering the mission wasn’t voted on unanimously. Itachi’s character is written just as bad, if not worse than Sasuke’s)

[His] vengeance then directed toward the village. [Subject switch]
(Despite knowing that his brother did it for the village to prevent war? Did he think so little of his brother that he believed they could trick him into killing his whole clan and then not get revenge by himself? How little did he think of Itachi if he was like “Oh whoops, I killed my family because I was tricked.” and then not do something about it himself?)

Seeing his [Brother] during the war made him reconsider things. [Not a proper noun]
(Did it really? He still seems to think that Itachi was a victim of the system at this point, despite Itachi acting by his own retarded belief that his actions would’ve prevented war, which by the way, they didn’t.)

Itachi showed no remorse nor ill-will toward Konoha whosoever.
(No duh! Because he decided to do the mission to unnecessarily kill EVERYONE in his clan despite not having a unanimous vote. Damn right it wasn’t Konoha’s fault. Sasuke is avenging a paranoid schizophrenic at this point.)

So he wondered why. What is a Clan? What is a Shinobi? What is a Village? Why are they so important that Itachi would sacrifice their [Clan] to protect Konoha as it’s loyal Shinobi? [Not a proper noun]
(All moot as his actions were excessive in the extreme.)

He chose to speak with the Hokages’ to gain a better understanding of things. To decide whether to side with the village or his clan. [Dangling participle]
(Does he do this? This might have made sense but your links don’t show him speaking with them.)

Now knowing the importance of Shinobi & Villages, how they’re more important than individual clans,
(Considering the clans power struggle created the village, this argument is strange.)

Sasuke sought to change the corrupt system that led to things such as the Uchiha Massacre & multiple World Wars.
(Itachi did the massacre on his own volition, wars are a natural part of power’s effect on human tribalism. Unless this series is trying to redefine war, you should really do some more research on evolutionary psychology if you want to know how retarded this is.)

[To protect from the shadows like a true Shinobi.] [Repeatition from previous statement.]

He realized that the village itself wasn’t the problem – the system was, and formed a better plan for peace than Madara, Obito, and Nagato.
(No, he didn’t. Peace through fear or enmity of one man is not a better plan. As soon as that man dies, the power vacuum would result in even more conflict and victims. Duh Doi!)

At first[] he tried handling everything on his own through his [Revolution] plan. [Missing comma] [Proper noun?] [But] Naruto convinced him to work with his allies to ensure peace is maintained.
(Already explained why this is retarded. The fact that Sasuke changed his mind is a testament that he realized this glaringly obvious problem or that he didn’t really think it through to begin with, which I wouldn’t really put it past him to do. Considering the inconsistencies in his character, it seems to be common theme. If Kishimoto didn’t write him badly, then I will at least give you that she writes a really compelling ‘dumb’ character.)

He’s been doing so ever since.

His character & development is phenomenal.
(Phenomenally stupid.)

In addition to this, he has great abilities, skills, and battles throughout the entire series.
(… making most people completely ignore these glaring issues in his story. But then, I could do a whole new one of these of the inconsistencies in his powers.)

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My fantasy short, A Beginner’s Guide to Summoning, has just been published. A partial reading was done by Rob Edwards on his podcast.

And you can get the full story here:
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2wcYCU7
Or free on KU: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Beginners-Guide-Summo…/…/B07CV3CT1X

Praise for A Beginner’s Guide to Summoning:
“A captivating tale that left me wanting more.” – M.L. Spencer, author of Darkmage

“A delightful story in the vein of Harry Potter, but with an intriguing premise all it’s own.” – Dyrk Ashton Ashton, author of Paternus

“A great introduction into the world of Melkai.” – MD Presley, author of The Woven Ring

“The monster summoning is great stuff, and Christopher executed the concept well.” – Andrew Rowe, author of Sufficiently Advanced Magic

“Mr. Keene has done an impressive amount of world-building in such a short span of time that I would be excited to see what would come from one of his novels.” – Jesse Teller, author of Song

“Christopher Keene creates a wonderful new set of monsters with his Fauastian variation on MMORPG summoners.” – Charles Phipps, Author of The Supervillainy Saga

“It was a fun read, like a mix between Sword in the Stone and Pokemon.” – Wade Garret, author of Genesis

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I love this comedy music video

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My First Negative Review was Bad

When I received zero bad reviews for Gods of the Mountain in the first 5 months of its release, I decided I needed to go to someone notorious for giving negative reviews so that others wouldn’t accuse me of paying for them. I was also looking for feedback before the audiobook went into recording, so on the Bookstooge’s review policy page, I commented:

“I need a bad review, my book has only been getting 4 and 5 stars (mostly 5) and it’s beginning to look like I’ve been paying for them.”

I’d made such blogger requests before to varying responses but he found my comment humorous enough to agree and we traded emails where I made my intentions clear. Eventually, he did write a review, but before I poison the well with my opinion of it, feel free to read it yourself here along with the comments section which I’ll be referencing.

Adding and subtracting points from his rating for reasons like my emails to him showed that the review was meant to be a little tongue in cheek. These points, as well as the book having “Sandersonitis” was accurate. I did resend the book while editing it for the audiobook version and it was partially inspired by Brandon Sanderson. If he thought it was funny to subtract points for that, I had no problem with it. Everything accurate in this review, I found funny.

It was when he started lying that I got a bit antsy, and his denial and threats in response to my requests for clarification or correction revealed how petty and dishonest this reviewer really is.

Those of you who read my blog will know that I take pride in not being an indie author. Being only selected by traditional publishers, I haven’t paid a cent to get my writing published and I doubtfully ever will. So when I made a comment correcting a claim on his review that I was an indie author, which I thought was unnecessary considering the publisher is mentioned on the VERY FIRST PAGE, he didn’t feel the need to correct this or add a note or reply at all. Being an optimist, I regretfully gave him the benefit of the doubt and took it as an honest mistake.

Before assuming that he was willing to throw his integrity as a reviewer out the window to discredit me, I decided to address another point in his review I was unclear on.

His first remarks on my writing linked to another post in which he took a quote out of the context of its sentence to convince his readers of its “ambiguity”. I think we can agree that out of context “being turned on” could mean arouse, but in the sentence he removed it from, the character mentioned “even the youngest of them could harness the power of the symbols” which were already revealed to be deadly when used… yet he was blaming the book for an assumption he made that it was sexual in nature despite this context.

He went so far in the comments section of this “quote post” to imply I didn’t use an editor despite, once again, the editors being referenced in the book. In the review, he also claimed that this was one of a handful of instances that the grammar was “awkward”. He later clarified in an email that there were 5 of these instances, but upon requesting other examples so I might improve the book by removing them, he suddenly became defensive and, sounding like a drunk, said:

“I’ve let a lot of your “give me answers and detailed justification” comments alone. Don’t comment again. This is your only and final warning.”

You can read the comments for yourself, it’s all there. I didn’t ask for answers or detailed justification, in fact, I was being damn right jovial and accepting. All I asked for was another example, and I figured with him mentioning a specific number of them, that he might be able to point them out and help improve the book before the audiobook began recording. Yet as many religious men do when asked for evidence to hold up a lie, I can only assume he felt backed into a corner and that threatening to censor my next comment was the only way to get out of it.

He mentioned “this is why I’m always hesitant to review upon request.” to which I assume he’s done this to someone else before and think no wonder they had problems with you. He also mentioned “I’d try him again in 5-10 years” but I’d prefer that he didn’t read anything of mine in the future just in case he tried to peddle even more BS to his meager following.

Review Rating:
Consider this bridge burned, dishonest manchild.

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