An Honest Attempt

be0f2aa90fb5465f05d0d9e88490e92cb4330b7c_hqDear Reader,

Here is where I will be making ‘an honest attempt’ to write a new book.

My goal for the last three years was to publish a fantasy or sci-fi book. After getting a literary agent for a young adult sci-fi novel and publishing yet another, I realized what I actually wanted was to publish a fantasy book in the demographic I read the most in: Adult.

Considering writing ‘Stuck in the Game’ on here was such a success (probably because I was writing to a specific audience from the beginning and I tend to write better when feeling someone is going to be reading it as soon as I hit publish), I’ve decided to create a separate header page for that purpose.

Many stories will be started under this page but they will all directly contribute to this goal in one way or another. I don’t promise this to be a frequent thing as I have found that I’m a contrary bastard, even to my own deadlines, but in the end this will be something that you’ll be able to watch grow over time.

This is an honest attempt.