An Example of a 5 Act Structure

Act 1
Forest Journey: Fenix and Ryan are on a mission to transport a secret device through a wartorn country to the island it originally came from by train.

Chapter 1 – Train/Group: Getting the device in a suitcase, they make the train and seated in an empty carriage. The train is invaded, Ryan is taken hostage but Fenix uses an uncontrolled power to defeat and capture them.

Chapter 2 – Pitstop/Rest 1: The train does a stopover outside a small village where they drop off the captured invaders in the forest, but before leaving, they pick up the suspicion of an elite assassin.

Chapter 3 – Woman/One-on-One: After checking the place where they’d had the invaders captive, Fenix notices a tracking device. He discovers an assassin stowaway and they fight before the assassin derails the train.

Chapter 4 – Forest/Rest 2: Fenix is contacted and told to leave the train and make their way through the forest toward the port but they are captured when they are come across by soldiers and locked up in a facility.

Chapter 5 – Melkai/Monster: They are put up as food for a monster experiment and Fenix uses his power to defeat it and escape. Before they leave the facility, he manages to recover the suitcase with the device.

Act 2
Island Massacre: Fenix and Ryan stay on the island and Fenix discovers what his powers are and, in a disaster, learns how to control them.

Chapter 6 – Port/Rest 3: They make it to the port and Fenix and Ryan take a boat to the island where they find out that the device they were transporting is somehow related to Fenix’s mysterious power.

Chapter 7 – Island/Group: Fenix and Ryan guard the device before the scientists return to the island and Fenix becomes a hero in the town for beating up some violent foreigners before going to his next shift.

Chapter 8 – Device/Rest 4: Fenix ends up connecting with the device in a magical way. The scientists arrive and one tried to use him in experiments while the other tries to explain to him his magic.

Chapter 9 – Dancing/One-on-One: Fenix takes home a girl that turned out to be an assassin who tries to kill him until he realizes that he had met her in his past and she warns him of the massacre that he goes outside to see.

Chapter 10 – Massacre/One-on-One: Fenix witnesses Ryan get murdered by a commander who has a similar power to his own. Fenix ends up controlling his power and uses it to kills the commander. He gets a warning about Daemon.

Act 3
Desert War: Fenix joins the others of his group and uses his newly controlled power to decimates the enemy force, defeating monsters and assassins.

Chapter 11 – Grieving/Rest 5: Fenix grieves Ryan’s death and resolves to master the powers he can control to stop the war. He gets a call from his team telling him about their missions in the desert country.

Chapter 12 – Warzone/Group: Fenix uses his newly mastered power to go to the frontline to easily take out entire armies and meet up with the other elite commandos in his group. They all meet up at a barracks.

Chapter 13 – Foreshadow/Rest 6: They mark a trajectory for the enemy headquarters and are warned about assassins that have similar to powers to that and the commander Fenix killed. Fenix remembers the commander’s warning.

Chapter 14 – Trapped Underground/Monster: The headquarters is exploded when they are inside and they are trapped underground where a monster attacks them but Fenix uses his powers to kill it.

Chapter 15 – Discovery/Rest 7: On the way out of the tunnels, Fenix discovers one of the gods related to what the scientist was telling him about and warns him about his adversary and his assassins that are going to be after them now.

Act 4
Highway/Urban Battles: Fenix and his crew fight the assassins and Fenix ends up fighting the first assassin girl who gets kidnapped by Daemon.

Chapter 16 – Plan/Rest 8: Fenix and his crew make a plan to divide and conquer the assassins knowing they couldn’t take them out together. Each of them has the technology to fight them.

Chapter 17 – Collision/Group-on-Group: On their way out of the desert city they get attacked by the assassins and are forced to split up and fight them individually. He heads toward a neighboring city where he was given a message to meet one.

Chapter 18 – Assassin/One-on-One: Fenix meets the assassin girl in a ballroom and they fight and confront their path, showing their feelings for one another before Daemon himself shows up.

Chapter 19 – First Fight/One-on-One: Fenix and Daemon fight with their powers and Daemon wins. Before he can kill him, assassin girl is wounded trying to protect him. Fenix harnesses more strength and Daemon kidnaps the girl.

Chapter 20 – Resolve/Rest 9: Not wanting to lose someone else, Fenix resolves to save her but once again is uncertain about his power. He goes to the god who says that if he loses it could mean the end of the world.

Act 5
Fenix goes to the tower, fights the betrayer and Daemon, dies, is resurrected and finally defeat him.

Chapter 21 – Invasion/Group: Fenix goes to the tower to rescue the assassin girl. He fights his way through the military security and finds that one of his crew betrayed him for power and is one of the assassin lefts alive.

Chapter 22 – Betrayer/One-on-One: Fenix and the betrayer, who also has been given power from the Daemon, fight and after explaining about the girl by his sister, Fenix defeats him and continues up the tower.

Chapter 23 – Defeat/One-on-one: Fenix comes to the top of the tower and fights Daemon. Despite evenly matched, Daemon tricks and defeats him and take his power to start the end of the world.

Chapter 24 – End of the World/Rest 10: Daemon causes the end of the world but it turns out Terra and Fenix did not die because they have the blood of gods and because of that the Fenix gets the gods powers.

Chapter 25 – Final Fight/One-on-One: Fenix gains the god’s power and fights Daemon and ends up sacrificing his power to defeat him.

Chapter 26 – Conclusion/Rest: Fenix reverses the end of the world and returns safely with assassin girl, where he laments those who were lost.

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