199 followers… perfect time for a break!


Sorry Gold Five, not this time.

With two books down and another in a completely different series on the way, I thought now was the perfect time to do a course on script writing. Because what better way to celebrate getting my work out there than by learning things that will make me regret every single bit of dialogue that I’ve ever written?


To get my concord fallacy straightened out, I’ve decided to take a hiatus for this course and many other things I’ve been meaning to catch up on for a while. I also feel I’ve been doing a few too many posts on the LitRPG  genre to get attention for my books on the Facebook group that I really need to get over. With so many fantasy books and anime second seasons coming out, I’ll be sure to release more reviews and shit soon enough.


What am I hoping to accomplish by announcing this vague break from blogging? My evil plan is get anyone with a sliver of OCD to click follow to get me to that sweet 200 mark, as completely arbitrary as that number is. In fact, the only reason I’m admitting this at the end of this post is to see who actually read it and not just read the title . . . When I was a kid I used to think that because cigarettes were called ‘fags’ I thought ‘faggots’ were just people who smoked. Boy did I get in trouble for calling every smoker I saw a faggot. After realizing what faggot actually meant I always thought the question “Can I bum a fag?” to be a the gayest question ever . . . Sonic the Hedgehog doesn’t look like a hedgehog . . . can turtles have threesomes? Dogs seem lonely when left at home . . . but I guess they are pact animals . . . humping is a funny word.

See ya soon!

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3 Responses to 199 followers… perfect time for a break!

  1. honya says:

    Amusing social experiment. . . I read it all. 😉 Hope the class goes well. BTW, I’m enjoying Back in the Game; should be finished soon.

  2. Akaluv says:

    Enjoy your writing class. I’ll also be taking another writing course next month =) Oh, and I finished your story. It was an exciting read. I’ll post my stuff about it soon.

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