The Political Egotism Conspiracy

f87de1210cfa5bd7ca3b1fd2648f6e73I’d been reading so many articles on censorship & language policing, ideologically driven misinformation spreading, diversity driven affirmative action, and childish overreactions to the stupidest things that it’s actually made me lose enough of my cultural elitism to realize something about identity politics and the current political climate in the west.

Besides religion, it seems that white guilt and feminism, along with other collectivist ideals, are simply becoming masochistic delusions corroding at the ends of what are essentially pretty decent liberal values. In fact, if you look at them, you’d see that classical liberal values are the very ideals that created the foundation of the movements which solved the core problems these people are still winging on about.

And so began another crazy conspiracy…

0e9Take any set of issues, real or imaginary, trivial or life threatening, and give them an over-simplified boogeyman to turn against (cis white male patriarchal society), and say that’s the cause, and so many people will attack it blindly, disregarding not only their first world wonderland complacency that allows them to do so, but also the developing cultures that don’t have this privilege which actually need help.

In short, they’re conspiracy theories, and I’d say that about any ideals that do this: MGTOW, Illuminati, brainwashing aliens. The closest thing I do believe in as far as wide spread influence goes is our own human nature ‘in reaction’ to money and power. However, in a broader sense, I think both the wealthy and social justice busy-bodies are created by an underlining human cause: egotism (unless you don’t think I’m being self-aware here, just look at the title of this post).

politicoMy issue, my stuff, my work. As an author and blogger, I can truly understand a desire to matter, and in the new world where everyone is trying to be good and useful to stand out, sometimes the best way to be noticed it to just be a bother, to be in the way and claim that by doing so they’re being useful when they clearly aren’t. It’s similar to the way Jesus Christ thought he was being useful for dying for a non-existent guilt quota created by his imaginary sky father.

That’s what I think motivates both the SJWs, MGTOW, conspiracy nuts and money hoarders to continue doing what they’re doing. They have convinced themselves, evidence to the contrary, that they’re being useful, when in reality, it’s really the attention they get from doing it is why they continue. In the end, it makes them feel like they matter in a world where no one really does, and although some of them are misguided in their attempts, as an insecure human being of the twenty-first century, can you really blame them? Yes… I think we can.


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7 Responses to The Political Egotism Conspiracy

  1. That’s a very large portion of it, but not the core component: their beliefs are designed to convince themselves of a safe and pleasant world, just like the religious; instead of an omnipotent deity protecting them, their comforting delusion is that humanity’s [their own] problems are instantly solved by thinking happy thoughts. Amusingly, in reality, they are only different from the religious, who’s motives are driven by emotionally comforting nonsense, on a technicality: their delusion doesn’t necessarily include a deity.

    • Lazarinth says:

      Hah. Like a pacifier? I think I get where your coming from after reading articles from Hillary supporters in how they saw the world before trump won. Its almost like they thought they were in a Disney film.

      • Yup, the same psychology applies to all forms of self-deception: it’s all designed to self-sooth. The religious believe an omni-potent deity spends all its time protecting them – thus reducing their fears and the discomfort derived from those fears.

        The “SJW” deceive themselves into believing that every conflict can be solved with love, patience, and understanding – which is far simpler than reality. They are comforted by this for two reasons: 1] it is a far simpler reality, that would require far less work, understanding, subjugation, and killing; 2] it alleviates their shame of being weak and immoral.

        Both hide from reality for the same reason: it is very, very difficult to handle reality. Merely understanding reality, in itself, is a difficult task. But, becoming an emotionally mature and sane person is often far more difficult. Both these problems are severely exacerbated by the ubiquity of insanity within humanity: everyone is trying to propagate their insane delusions, and sabotaging each other for survival.

    • Lazarinth says:

      I think this is going to need another post.

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