Why Sasuke Uchiha is a Terribly Written Character

naruto_692___evil_sasuke_by_tenmax68-d7yw12tSasuke Uchiha is one of the most polarizing characters in shōnen anime. He had fan girls and emo boys ready to fight to the death to defend his honor and even now there are anime analyzing commentators willing to make entire videos explaining why he was such a great character. From the title of this post, you might deduce that I fall on the other side of this equation. Sasuke was a generic revenge-motivated Gary Stu, who, through a convoluted twist, becomes a bad guy with too many character inconsistencies to take seriously. Even if Kishimoto hadn’t admitted to it, which he has, it was obvious that he was coming up with Sasuke’s story as he was writing it, for he couldn’t seem to decide whether he was a badass with a traumatic past, or as I took him, an overly emotional, irrationally motivated spastic.



Sasuke really is a testament of Kishimoto’s terrible writing, both in its inconsistencies and its lack of set up for important plot points. Right from the beginning we are told AND shown that Sasuke is a focused, coldly rational “genius” shinobi governed by the code of surviving to avenge his clan as well as to prevent himself from going down any path his brother, Itachi, might have taken. Up until a certain point, his character remains relatively consistent. Whenever he did something overly emotional it was generally due to being affected by the Cursed Seal or in reaction to Itachi himself. However, after Itachi shows how weak Sasuke is (and Gaara before him), we begin to see how irrational Sasuke is in his desperation get the strength he needs to kill him. This is where the inconsistencies with his character begins to reveal themselves.

sasuke-uchiha-sasuke-naruto-shippuden-uchiha-itachi-1366x768-wallpaperIn the later parts of the first series, Sasuke’s emotions completely take dominance and undermine his reason: He charges at Itachi three times when he knows he can’t win and he flees to seek Orochimaru’s help to kill Itachi despite knowing that Orochimaru was easily defeated by Itachi (the reason he wants his body). Even after learning that Itachi’s actions were for the greater good of The Hidden Leaf, instead of following his path, he decides that redirecting his hatred and revenge at the people Itachi worked with and starting an all out war is the better option. Although these are all good examples of Sasuke doing something incredibly stupid from being overly emotional, he doesn’t go full retard until he decides to support Madara’s war EVEN after learning of Itachi’s motive for killing the Uchiha and what he sacrificed to prevent such a thing.

tumblr_inline_o2uvlvzrhc1s779s8_500Don’t get me wrong. It could be interpreted that Sasuke had an identity crisis after realizing that Itachi was a “victim” due to the Konoha’s leaders exploiting his hatred of war to kill the Uchiha and prevent their uprising. But this context doesn’t really stop Itachi from being a blind tool. He didn’t have to follow their orders, after all, it was not a unanimous decision to have the Uchiha killed as the Third Hokage voted against it. But even if it had been, he could have just killed those involved with the coup, but no, he killed EVERYONE but Sasuke. Despite his motivation to stop war, or maybe even because of it, Itachi doing what he did was a dick move considering its consequences. However, not only was Sasuke blind to this fact and began fighting to avenge him, but he was also blind to the fact that by avenging Itachi against Konoha he was causing the very thing Itachi died trying to prevent.

sasuke-uchiha-itachi-uchiha-sharingan-narutoA testament to Kishimoto’s bad writing was that it wasn’t until this was revealed to Sasuke by Obito that certain parts of Sasuke’s flashbacks (which hadn’t been seen in previous – lengthy – retellings of Sasuke’s backstory) was just conveniently inserted into Sasuke’s memory to increase the impact of the revelation. That’s the equivalent of remembering an important part of a set-up for a joke you forgot to add so you just sneakily slide it in right before delivering the punchline, ironically taking away any punch the line might have had. To put the cherry on the cake, even after Sasuke learns that Obito lied to him about Madara’s involvement in the Nine-tails invasion, it doesn’t put a dent in his resolve, despite this showing that it was really him who caused the Uchiha coup, and in turn, their destruction.

tumblr_m3xuz7rajm1rw2jaio1_500Even after he sorts all this nonsense out with his resurrected brother and learns the true reason behind Itachi’s actions (trying to prevent war), his motives were still irrational and overly emotional. His final authoritarian goal to stop war through fear is retarded. He wanted to kill all leaders and put himself up as a common enemy people will hate together, who else can see where this plan might go wrong? (Like him dying for one!) It becomes so convoluted that it takes losing an arm to make him realize how retarded it is, and even then he only submits because Naruto is more childishly stubborn about his ideals than he is. When a character’s motives are obviously irrational from them being emotionally unstable, it’s hard to see why anyone’s favorite character would be such an over-powered spaz.


You agree with me, don’t you?

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31 Responses to Why Sasuke Uchiha is a Terribly Written Character

  1. John Uchiha says:

    Lemme say something about the idiot who posted this dumb/vague article. You’re so full o’ shit. If it wasn’t for Sasuke, the Nartuto series would suck like the idiot who made this dumb article. He witnessed the death of all his clan and motivated by his idiotic brother he started looking for revenge, then he met Naruto and as time went own watching how Naruto grew stronger and stronger he couldn’t feel anything but anger because he thought he’ll never be as good as him and he thought he’ll never complete his objective because of that, when he left the village, it was clearly because he wanted to complete his objective and go on with his life but then after he managed to kill Itachi he realized that the people who actually made him suffer were the leaf village and he impulsively joined the Akatsuki because he wanted to destroy them, he didn’t care about the Akatsuki, he didn’t care about anyone, he cared about punishing what he saw as unjust, still, when he had the opportunity to destroy Konoha, he didn’t and he tried to search answer for his questions, he then realized that what happened to his clan was necessary and he realized why Itachi cared so much about the village. He realized why the leaf village was so important after listening to Hashimara’s story and then he went on to assist Naruto and the Allied Shinobi Forces in the war, after the battle against Kaguya, he thought that if there was no common enemy anymore there would be war between villages again so he assumed all the responsibility and fought Naruto to be alone and be the common enemy all the villages need to be united and be the one who punishes the guilty and protect the regular civilians but Naruto made him understand that there was hope and that he was going to sacrifice all of his life in the search of uniting the villages, so Sasuke believed him and started a journey to redeem himself from all the sins he impulsively made and decided to pursue the same dream as Naruto and help him as much as he can. Do you really think that Sasuke could’ve beaten let alone be on par with Itachi if he stayed in Konoha? Just take a look at Naruto. He just looked weak compared to Sasuke’s exponential growth. The guy had a mission, and no one was going to get in the way of him achieving his mission. And if achieving his mission meant having to abandon his friends, then so be it. I for one couldn’t be able to, but that just proves how immense Sasuke’s determination is. And that alone is admirable. The guy went on a complete rampage. And understandably so. Finding out the place you’ve called home for so long actually used your brother as the instrument for your own family’s demise can really take its toll on you.

    He grew from someone who didn’t care about anything but revenge to someone who would suffer all eternity just to maintain peace, he had a very mature way of seeing what happened in the fourth Shinobi War and why there was peace ’cause lets be honest, even tho Naruto managed to unite all villages it’s hard to believe that after a period of constant war and cases like the Hyuga clan with the land of the cloud and things like that it was really unlikely that the peace Naruto wanted was the ultimate one and would last forever.

    I just don’t know how fucking idiots can hate this guy. He went from living only for the singular purpose of killing his brother, to experiencing what its like to become a victim of the shinobi world.

  2. . says:

    “he doesn’t go full retard until he decides to support Madara’s war EVEN after learning of Itachi’s motive for killing the Uchiha and what he sacrificed to prevent such a thing.”

    “To put the cherry on the cake, even after Sasuke learns that Obito lied to him about Madara’s involvement in the Nine-tails invasion, it doesn’t put a dent in his resolve, despite this showing that it was really him who caused the Uchiha coup, and in turn, their destruction.”

    – He was never on Tobi’s side.


    He “joined” the Akatsuki for his own goals, not theirs, and planned on using them.This/the next page.


    Chapter 453, on his way to Konoha when Tobi stood in his way, he didn’t hesitate at all to attack him.He only went to the Summit for his target, Danzo, and after defeating him, he straight out told Tobi that they weren’t ally’s.


    Had him transplant Itachi’s eyes, and once he recovered he immediately killed the original White Zetsu, who was watching over him, destroyed his hideout, defeated the group of White Zetsu that confronted him, & opposed Tobi with the Alliance in the war.

    – Wanting to destroy Konoha was wrong but understandable. Sasuke felt that his entire family was used & betrayed for Konoha’s well being, toss aside like trash.The Uchiha were one of the two founding clans’ of Konoha. They were loyal & gave their lives for it’s protection for generations. Yet were falsely accused for the Kyuubi attack and mistreated for years. Held under heavy surveillance, they didn’t feel comfortable in their own village. Then, when they finally choose to rebel, they were ordered to be killed off by one of their own, with Itachi having to live the rest of his life as a hated criminal. All the anger Sasuke had toward Itachi, shifted toward Konoha, & with the new reveals, intensified even further. He loved his Brother but initially disagreed with him.

    Nonethelss after meeting up with Itachi again, seeing that he had no remorse or ill-will toward Konoha he wondered why & choose to speak with the Hokage to gain a better understanding of things. To gain the answers to all the questions he had. What is a Shinobi? What is a Village? Why are they important? etc. After listening to them he formed his decision & plan. Deciding to protect Konoha and the world from within the Shadows like a true Shinobi.

    “His final authoritarian goal to stop war through fear is retarded. He wanted to kill all leaders and put himself up as a common enemy people will hate together, who else can see where this plan might go wrong? (Like him dying for one!) ”

    – Sasuke’s Revolution plan was solid. He formed it based on the history of the Shinobi world & Itachi’s life.

    After 3 previous World Wars, and many clashes such as the Sound and Sand teaming up to invade and destroy Konoha, The Five Great Shinobi villages united for the first time in history for a couple days only because they were forced too in order to face a common enemy – the Akatsuki, in lead of Madara, whom had collected 7 Bijuu, and were going for the final 2. With such power, that was the absolute only way they could stand a chance against them. Sasuke believed that after the war they would seperate, and begin to clash again as they always have.

    Again, for the FIRST time in history, they united for A COUPLE DAYS, only because they had A COMMON ENEMY that they couldn’t possibly defeat alone. He wanted to play the role of the bad guy so they would stay united instead of eventually seperating and fighting each other. This/ the next page.






    & knowing that throughout history Shinobi always fought each other to attain the Bijuus power to use to better enforce their authority over others, Sasuke wanted to get rid of them so no one could ever abuse their power again. Rather than let these many massive sources of power roam free as if no one would ever go after, & succeed in capturing them again. A single Bijuudama can destroy a village. As long as they exist, there was a chance that someday someone could attain their power, and use them negatively.

    It’s logical that he believed they would seperate after the war, and it’s logical that he would want to get rid of the Bijuu. Agree? Infact, as of the Fourth Shinobi World War, the Bijuus gained more recognition than ever considering many people saw their power being displayed, and literally everyone felt it, hence the Infinite Tsukuyomi. This further increases the chance of people once again trying to attain the Bijuus power. Surely this information will be passed throughout the generations.

    Also, with his abilities, Sasuke has the capability to always be around.


    He could always improve his methods as time went on.

    “Even if Kishimoto hadn’t admitted to it, which he has,”


    ” it was obvious that he was coming up with Sasuke’s story as he was writing it,”

    Everything connected and made sense. Your reading comprehension is at fault. Now wrote an article about that.

    ” for he couldn’t seem to decide whether he was a badass with a traumatic past, or as I took him, an overly emotional, irrationally motivated spastic.”

    Clearly the former. You speak of SwagKage making a video about him (he makes videos about plenty of thing Naruto & Dragonball related), fans supporting him, & Sasuke being “emotional” when you yourself got so upset in regards to this manga/anime character that you made a whole article about it in response hoping to gain the suppport of others.

    • Lazarinth says:

      I never said ‘side’. They helped each other to reach similar goals. He was “using” them for a goal that they coerced him into wanting by leaving out crucial information. Allies or not, they worked together. I think the founding error can be summed up in the fact that Itachi didn’t have to kill them all. Itachi still made the choice, despite the Third not being on board with it and Danzo having obviously shifty motives. No matter how “passive” a writer claims a character is, Itachi’s actions prove otherwise. Stupid argument.

      My main criticisms, 1: Sasuke sought help from someone weaker than the one he wanted to defeat, 2: Sasuke went against his brother’s noble wishes for the sake of his brother and 3: his revolution idea was not solid: Any plan that relies all leadership and peace on a single person as an enemy is silly for the simple reason that Sasuke can be killed/die on his own, even with the rinnegan, and without him the plan is bunk. The fact that all of these decisions were emotionally driven from his overreactions is proof of his low E.I. Stupid argument.

      Proof of Mishimoto on Sasuke’s creation: US Shonen Jump April. Viz Media. 2007. p. 366.

      “You speak of (…drivel…) Sasuke being “emotional” when you yourself got so upset in regards to this manga/anime character that you made a whole article about it in response hoping to gain the support of others.”
      – Now this is just silly. This is obviously a counter argument with some humor thrown into it to make it seem emotional or like I’m more upset than I am. You obviously haven’t been a long time reader of mine, so I’ll forgive this assumption. That said, if that had been my point, mission accomplished.

      • . says:


      • . says:

        It appears that inorder for my comment to post, i had to split up the links.

      • . says:

        I googled coerced.

        Coerced – persuade (an unwilling person) to do something by using force or threats.

        This didn’t happen. Well, Tobi did threaten him. Sasuke’s response was a smirk and laugh.

        mangaseeonline. us/read-online/Naruto-chapter-404-page-15.html

        And like i said earlier, he attacked him when he stood in his way.

        mangaseeonline. us/read-online/Naruto-chapter-453-page-5.html

        The only time they could be considered to have worked together was the Hunt for the Bijuu. He had Sasuke to go after the Eight Tails. Even then Sasuke went with his own team, rather than any of the remaining Akatsuki, and he spoke of how he planned to use them.

        1) Sasuke wasn’t solely reliant on Orochimaru’s training to become stronger. He completely and thoroughly used him. He planned to do so from the very start.

        mangaseeonline. net/read-online/Naruto-chapter-348-page-2.html


        mangaseeonline. net/read-online/Naruto-chapter-343-page-16.html

        mangaseeonline. net/read-online/Naruto-chapter-579-page-4.html

        mangaseeonline. net/read-online/Naruto-chapter-346-page-7.html

        mangaseeonline. net/read-online/Naruto-chapter-363-page-16.html

        Used him to become stronger, did his own training whilst thoroughly studying his abilities in preparation for their eventual battle, completed his training – learning everything he could from him, waited for the time when he needed to switch bodies so he could reverse the ritual, and seal him into the Curse Mark to acquire his power.

        He knew Orochimaru was weaker than Itachi.

        mangaseeonline. us/read-online/Naruto-chapter-309-page-10.html

        He knew Orochimaru was weaker than himself aswell.

        mangaseeonline. us/read-online/Naruto-chapter-344-page-2.html

        Which is why he absorbed him. The Sasuke that faced Itachi was the combined power of himself & Orochimaru.

        2) It wasn’t just about Itachi. Yes Itachi of his own free will chose to sacrafice himself and their family for the village, but what about everyone else in their family? What about every single individual – man, woman, & child who were mercilessly ordered to be slaughtered. Should Sasuke have not considered their thoughts and only cared of Itachi’s? Is he not allowed to disagree with him? At this point Sasuke cared about his family more than Konoha. He didn’t understand why the village was so important.

        3) Most people can’t handle a single Tailed Beast. Sasuke casted Genjutsu on them – placing them all under his control, & sealed them with Chibaku Tensei with absolute ease even after having just fought in multiple battles. Then proceeded to have another one. He even became significantly stronger after the war. Who would kill him?

        His plan was formed based on facts and logic, not emotion. The only emotion involved was with with others. Making them all hate him.

        “Proof of Mishimoto on Sasuke’s creation: US Shonen Jump April. Viz Media. 2007. p. 366.”


      • . says:

        So, are you going to admit that you’re wrong?

      • Lazarinth says:

        About what in particular.

      • . says:

        The things i addressed in my comments above.

    • Lazarinth says:

      I don’t know why you’re having this problem, no one else seems to. You just reply what you want to reply to the original comment. If you want to reply another way you could always email me at lazarinth75@gmail.com

    • Lazarinth says:

      Are you really saying that adding information to the build-up after a reveal is good writing? If not, you really need to learn about narrative. My joke analogy is spot on for this.

  3. Person says:

    Sounds like you’re really butthurt about SwagKage’s video.

  4. I do not like sasuke’ characters. Super cute but not so annoying

  5. I just skipped to the end, buh totally agree that sasuke’s character development is a broken mess, hes just an emo with daddy problems. https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQzLBWOAwzM2b8CIhTbL55Toj6R-BpUxRCTJGW96BKRWfeGLmoc

    • Chikara - Sasuke Fan - Sasuke>Naruto - The Greatest Shinobi - Naruto X Hunter - Narutonevergivinup says:

      Itachi is the one who ensured Sasuke would have hatred and went revenge. That’s why he killed their parents infront of him and used his Mangekyo to force him to relive the massacre. Then years later, knowing he spent years training in attempts to become strong enough to kill him. He easily defeated him – broke his hand, used his Mangekyo to force him to relive the massacre for 24 hours, and told him he didn’t have enough hatred. Thus resulting in Sasuke leaving Konoha to go to Orochimaru to better be able to become strong enough to kill him. Furthermore he failed to keep Sasuke from learning the truth.

      All your complaints about Sasuke are Itachi’s fault.

      • Lazarinth says:

        Not really. Sasuke chose to seek out Orochimaru despite knowing Itachi had beaten him and Sasuke chose to start a war despite knowing Itachi was trying to prevent one. Most of my complaints are spawned from Sasuke reacting stupidly despite Itachi’s wishes.

      • . says:

        It seems i can’t reply directly under your comment.

        He never wanted to start a war. He understood and knew Itachi’s wishes but didn’t agree with him.

      • . says:

        Nevermind, the box is actually above the comment when typing it yet after posting the comment it appears below. I can’t even delete nor edit my comments.

        Anyway there’s another in moderation thoroughly explaining things.

  6. I agree with you. I’ve never liked his character. Yes it’s said his family died, then does all of this against his land for revenege, then finds out his brother is really a hero then is still against the village who’s been trying to help him this whole time. Then he’s OK because natuto beat him and is a nomad. 😧Make up your mind are you for the village or not, do you want friends or not. I still don’t think his character got closure.

  7. Akaluv says:

    I wish I could say more, but I didn’t finish the Naruto anime. It was way toooooooo long for me.

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