In my opinion, 2016 was…

… a pretty underrated year all up …

the-heptapods-communicate-in-arrivalThink about it, it was incredibly promising year Film-wise. We had an amazing film festival line-up that brought us Nocturnal Animals, Moonlight AND Arrival, probably the best alien film I’ve ever watched. Even the mainstream films had ego maniac Tony Stark getting his ass handed to him in Civil War, an actually decent Star War prequel in Rogue One and, finally, M. Night Shamalan’s return to form in Split. The only real disappointment were the DC films, the surprise of Baflect being so good nearly making up for Suicide Squad being so bad.

3aae72cac013a853b65e5926435623e8a44a2603TV series took a backseat with the Marvel Netflix settling into its own predictable style. However, 2016 was a great year for sci-fi, for me anyway. I discovered the sci-fi greatness of Rick and Morty, Black Mirror and the Expanse, an adaptation of one of my favorite sci-fi books, Leviathan Wakes, with West World being the most hyped up decent show I’d ever watched. It seems that after Game of Thrones, television has finally caught onto novel’s popularity in these genres. More on that later.

hero4a_zpsif2q6ulcAnime, for the most part in 2016, has been about characters with special abilities. My Hero Academia took off where One Punch Man ended, portraying the tropes that we thought were only good for satires and making them even better, followed by the revenge of the satire with semi-serious Mob Psycho 100, only touching on the supernatural elements that Erased made more atmospheric with the butterfly effect and unexplained ass pulls. I didn’t watch Yaoi on Ice, and don’t plan on doing so.

ysfpvvkManga left only one of the Big 3 standing (Boruto…seriously?) with Toriko and Fairy Tail failing to pick up where they left off. Popularity for manga still follows the anime that gets adaptations earlier on in the year, with Dragonball Super making the fan-drawn manga even more popular than the show itself with it’s clean design and lack of filler, and with readers patiently waiting for the next chapters of ongoing series… or impatiently in the case of Hunter X Hunter, Shingeki no Kyojin and Berserk (because we aren’t getting a good anime for it anytime soon).

tumblr_nzd8qmzjz31s5wiico1_500Visual Novels for me were condensed down into one gut-punching masterpiece in The House in Fata Morgana, in which its effects makes me feel haunted and melancholy when thinking about it even now. The Steins;Gate prequel and a numerous amount of steam releases I haven’t played yet will be made up for when I finally get around to the Kara no Shoujo series and can play catch up. That being said, don’t expect me to jump on the Neko Para ship any time soon.

Fantasy Novels, rather ironically, lost its novelty for me. Maybe I should rename my blog scifiandanime, because modern sci-fi has been taking my attention a lot more (like the awesomeness of Altered Carbon), along with my two publishing contracts being for my young adult science fiction books and not for my fantasy stories (so sad). On that end my blog’s activity slowed to a halt when contractual obligations gave me both less time to write posts and more fodder for satire in my novels, so… make sure to read Continue the Game in 2017.

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3 Responses to In my opinion, 2016 was…

  1. The Otaku Judge says:

    I enjoyed Steins;Gate 0 and am looking forward to the anime. It’s darker than the original, but still a good read. By the way I love Neko Para, although I didn’t contribute towards the OVA.

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