A Rant on Wizardchan, MGTOW & Otaku who say “3D Women”

3d-women-are-not-important-cannot-stress-this-enough--green-3485169.pngAs someone who was single for a large part their life, I’ll freely admit that being a single straight guy trying to find love can be a struggle. There are terrible moments of anxiety, insecurity and heart crushing rejection, enough so that I can imagine why some might try to swear off women entirely. However, one must use a lot of cognitive dissonance to do this without feeling the social shame or a denial of the instinctual desire to perform sexual acts. But this is the internet, a magical place where memes can justify anything!

074An examples of this cognitive dissonance is done by turning that shame into pride by trying to convince themselves and others that they are proud of the fact that they are anti-social, or can’t approach or court women, such as they do on Wizardchan. Getting its name from a quote from the anime Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: “If you pass the age of thirty as a virgin, you become a wizard” it’s not hard to see that this 4chan page is also intended for the mentally ill and those wanting to laugh at them. This is the equivalent of a modern freak-show for every socially inept recluse who needs help more than acceptance.

maxresdefaultAnother way to replace the shame with pride is through expressing agenda-based generalizations against the opposite sex. MGTOW is the closest thing I could find to the equivalent of male feminism. Swallowing the “red pill”, as they put it, is to “wake up” to the idea that females are either consciously or subconsciously taking advantage of their biological and social benefits to the detriment of men, this malicious agenda making ‘Men Go Their Own Way’ (hense MGTOW). This anti-coercion motive for abstinence shows a clear cognitive dissonance by the means of a conspiracy theory based on groundless generalizations about half the people of the planet.

0e2My last example is to express a preference of those catering for sexual desires, the most detached version of this being that of simulated females in the form of anime, games or visual novel dating simulators. These are the people who are so entrenched in the otaku culture that they legitimately use the caveat “3D” when talking about women to distinguish them from animated characters. For people who enjoy visual novels for the stories or style of the medium, these kinds of otaku or hikikomori are the reason why people narrow their eyes or smirk when finding out you enjoy visual novels.

5556536_061d9b56620d475d088e8c297f0d46b6Despite understanding why someone might want to swear off women, and even if some of the ideals behind them are appealing, the amount of mental flipflops one would have to go through to actually believe in these ideologies would have them denying reality. In short, you won’t become a wizard because you haven’t had sex at thirty, women don’t have a malicious agenda to pull your balls out through your wallet (and won’t if you don’t let them), and “3D women” are the only kind of women that exist.

– A. Normie

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15 Responses to A Rant on Wizardchan, MGTOW & Otaku who say “3D Women”

  1. Steve says:

    kill all 3D motha fucka’s.

  2. I was both mgtow and a otaku, I see the damage it did to me.

  3. Really interesting post! I don’t like MGTOW (who does?) but I can see why it’s happened- it’s an obvious backlash to the extremes of feminism- I don’t think, however, that extremes are good in any respect- it’s a rather immature response that if things go too far one way, to take it to the extreme in the other direction. Sorry, rambly thoughts there!

  4. norman genocide says:

    Wew lad

  5. john smith says:

    Women can, will, and do pull a man’s balls out through his wallet with malicious intent and efficiency. They do not have an agenda to do so until it is convenient for them. Then it is just as easy as a 911 call. Every Western female knows she has this power. Some exercise it, some don’t. But a man never finds out until it is too late. For the time being, MGTOW is the only answer. No amount of fantasy gymnastics can overcome legal reality.

    • Christopher Keene says:

      That’s something that MGTOW and feminists seem to have in common. They both insinuate that we are weak to the whims of the opposite sex. MGTOW says gynocentrism gives women power and men can’t do anything when they want to fuck them over, and feminists say that the patriarchy give men power and that they are oppressed by it. Doesn’t that make both sexes sound pathetic? And what’s their answer? To avoid each other like scared children, instead of learning from each new experience until you know the ins and outs and find a happiness that lasts longer the the one before it. Isn’t that a part of life?

  6. hlmwilki says:

    You mentioned that there’s a social shame with somehow not being someone who attracts women or can’t get laid. While I do agree that if you spend most of your time not socialising whether that be offline or online, then you are unlikely going to find yourself not single and life is much nicer with a partner than not. So, being a virgin for that long (in your late 30s) can indicate deeper social problems like not being able to communicate with women and bond with them and whatnot. However there’s nothing wrong with being a virgin in and of itself. I personally want to do all that within the confines of a marriage, since inspite of my instinctual urges, I don’t fancy humping every girl I find attractive.
    No one should be shamed for not having sex, but I take on board that we shouldn’t make up bullshit like women are evil and whatever. However I do believe women from different cultures do have a different approach to courtship. As an example american women expect the men to approach them and the intentions with meeting guys is to either have fun and sex, or be in a relationship. Filippina women by contrast are proactive, and tend to look for men with marriage material. Depending on their religious upbringing the filippinas may have sex before marriage or save themselves for marriage but in any case, marriage is very much on the minds of these women.
    So dating an american (or in my case English) woman would probably have led to difficulties because my boundaries regarding intimacies are more stringent than what is commonly practiced in the west.
    But to make the final point: men need women, and women need men to enjoy a more fulfilled life, though different individuals mess it up for other individuals.

    • Christopher Keene says:

      You’re right, there might not be anything wrong with missing out on a fantastic life experience, but it’s still a shame they have to miss out, hence why they might feel shame because of it.

      Besides spiritual reasons, which I get might be your motive, I don’t really see the point in marriage. If two people love each other they should be together, I can’t see why they’d need a third party like the state involved if their are de facto laws in place.

      I’ll just assume you’re talking about straight men and women for your final point.

      • hlmwilki says:

        True I’m talking about straight men and women 😅
        I agree that if it weren’t for religious reasons, marriage wouldn’t really be something necessary. I wanted to say that marriage acts as a contract so it is harder to walk away from though many people do walk away from their marriages, and others feel miserable in a marriage they feel they can’t walk away from.
        Ultimately we are each looking for that one other person to share our lives with and to experience that part of life which includes sex, emotional intimacy, children and a constant companion. So I agree it is stupid for either gender to write the other gender off. However it does turn out that a lot of people just aren’t a good fit to you, so part of life is finding a good person that will add fulfilment to your life.
        By the way, what if a person decided to be celibate and actually devote himself to certain spiritual arts. Wouldn’t he become a wizard by the time he’s 30? 😅

    • Christopher Keene says:

      That’s true, a lot of marriages end in divorce. For me, the fact that my partner could easily walk away from our relationship and yet decides not to, and has decided this consistently for the last 8 years, is far more romantic than if she felt she couldn’t or shouldn’t because of some contractual obligation.

      I feel a part of finding ‘a good person that will add fulfillment to your life’ should involve testing the waters sexually with them to see if they fulfill that part of your life as well. I mean what if your desires aren’t compatible with theirs? You could spend your whole life unsatisfied with something that’s a reasonably big part of your relationship if you feel obligated to say with them. It’s rolling the dice otherwise.

      All honest priests are wizards then.

  7. hlmwilki says:

    Reblogged this on Athemir's Thoughts and commented:
    I couldn’t have said it better myself. This is a nice article by Lazarinth where he shows the absurdity of the MGTOW ideology.

  8. gunlord500 says:

    Haha, great post! I’m always on the lookout for takedowns of MGTOW nonsense (those guys tend to annoy me) and I’m glad to have found another one. Yeah, the biggest problem with that scene is what you described: The hatred and paranoia about 50% of the population. I don’t want to get married either, but I don’t need a bitter, butthurt support group nor conspiracy theories about how feminism and/or women in general will destroy civilization (any day now) to be a happy bachelor.

    • Lazarinth says:

      Their ideology implied females can’t deny their own nature. I’m being supported by my partner so I’m like a living contradiction to their belief that women leach off or only need men for their resources. It’s utter horseshit.

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