Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive [Anime Review]

kingsglaive_final_fantasy_xv_poster_2016I seriously geeked-out over this film, both before and long after I’d watched it. If you thought that Final Fantasy XV was missing an epic opening cut scene that most Final Fantasy games have, then this film is that opening cut scene. It may be two hours long, and have a lot of world building, but so far it’s more thrilling than anything I’ve seen of the game itself. Do yourself a favor and watch this film.

The action scenes and animation put Advent Children to shame from its sheer epic-ness. The characters are decent but the plot tools are great. Combing the ideas of teleporting blades you can throw with airships to create fantastic aerial battles was ingenious. Kingsglaive takes the stealthy, free-running style of action Assassin’s Creed first put into a CGI a step further by making them special op warriors.

glauca_ss1_lgThere are enough cameos  from the previous Final Fantasy games from terms to monsters to entertain your average veteran Final Fantasy player, but the story itself is spoon fed through entertaining dialogue in a way that could ease anyone new to the world. However, the climax battle would give me enough reason recommend this to almost anyone.

I enjoyed the dub. Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad suited the main protagonist Nyx really well, so well that it made the other characters seem a little droll, although at times the mouthing seemed over-animated. If I could give one caveat it would be to watch this in the highest quality your computer can handle to give the animation the attention it deserves. The music is the same epic BGM you would expect from any Final Fantasy.

maxresdefaultThe story left me wanting more from the world and left me wondering what I could do with the different magic used in the film. The twists and turns of the story had me second guessing every character, and yet the main twist still got me. If one were to consider this film to be just a trailer for the game, it definitely convinced me to play the game if I ever got a chance, and might even be lacking in comparison.

Total Rank: 8/10

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2 Responses to Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive [Anime Review]

  1. Sounds decent. I’ll have to check this out. Perhaps the movie will motivate me to buy the game.

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