Are these newer anime worth watching?

Time for the second lot of anime to watch for this year. If you look at my last are these worth watching posts, you might find a common trend behind at least the first two of three anime that I ask if I should watch last time. I mean an alternative fantasy world anime like Gate, a gangster anime like Joker Game, come on! Although I could never really compare Drifters to Erased except for the fact that they are both one word titles.


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Honorable mention: March Come in Like a Lion

And now a brief paragraph on the anime I had on the my last post: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Joker Game and also ERASED, probably one of better ones.

697284I think I can sum up all of the anime I mentioned in my previous post with one comment, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress in particular. They all starts off with good and had great animation, and they each had a recently used premise, they all go down hill at the half way mark. It’s too bad really. Each of them were good enough to recommend for those who haven’t watched everything on my recommended list but nothing to write home about. Maybe I’m becoming jaded in my old age so I’d really suggest watching it and deciding for yourself. They’re a lot more enjoyable than other anime I’ve watched recently.

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5 Responses to Are these newer anime worth watching?

  1. Omg erased is on my top list. Do not watch 91 days. I need to watch Kabaneri soon

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