Trump Will Make Anime Great Again

db3ae8802bddbe5ed30d0d49d1474864bed724d3372c9375b6e0b359fedb0cf6_1As click bait as that title seems, this is not a joke. For Japan, Australia, New Zealand and many other first world countries, Donald Trump becoming the president is a very good thing. Why? Because of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Although only a free-trade agreement on the surface, the TPP is overloaded with bleed-over clauses that would have influenced these country’s laws and economics in a way that would not be beneficial for their people and industries. This would have involved media piracy laws being upheld in an American court system, a trade of information through spyware, and most importantly, a new code of content and censorship for what would be suitable to be put into media for other cultures, including games and anime.

What does this have to do with Donald Trump? Well, Trump has always been against free-trade, and vehemently against the TPP. Even now countries are throwing in the towel in the belief that the deal is going to shut down, and guess who’s leading the charge? Our old friend Japan! That’s right, disgusted at what this partnership would do to the foreign trade of their media industry (including adult anime and games), they have been fighting against the United States tooth and nail. The fact that Trump is more likely to demand more from the partnership than they already have, it’s safe to assume that Japan will throw up their middle finger and keep fighting the good fight to keep us entertained.

tumblr_o3jcd74dhr1v9kw7so1_1280So for those who don’t plan on having children, rejoice! America was already basically a reality TV show, it’s only fitting that it has a president as its host. However, for those that have children or plan to have children, I’m sorry to say that, because of Trump’s anti-science stance on vaccines and climate change, it will be very unlikely that they will grow up in a measles-free environment with free drinking water. And if you live near the coast, I hope you have no qualms on leaving your homes in the next twenty years due to ocean levels rising. I also hope you don’t mind them not being able to see certain endangered species… at least there’ll still be plastic toys and programs around to show them what they used to look like.

tumblr_nur5kn8chf1tld017o1_500Americans may complain about Trump being a xenophobic misogynist, but the rest of world really needs to make a choice: Would you rather have amazing, majestic beasts in the future, or the freedom to pirate adult anime and video games online. I know which one I would choose, and I’m actually interested to see how he is going build a wall that big without bankrupting his new empire!

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2 Responses to Trump Will Make Anime Great Again

  1. Karandi says:

    It will definitely be interesting to see how some of these political discussions play out. All expectations really need to be shelved for the time being and I guess we’ll see what the world of tomorrow actually looks like.

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