How to Get Published Step 12: Rinse and Repeat Pt. 2


If you’ve done everything in these steps to the best of your ability, there is nothing much more I can tell you. Now it comes down to luck and the agent/publisher’s reaction to your work depending on how well the genre or style will do in the market at the time that they receive your submission. If they like it, they will request a full or partial manuscript.

Eventually your next email to an agent or publisher will read something along the lines of: “Please find attached the manuscript of [Book Title]. If you need any information do no hesitate to contact me.


[Author Name]”

There is no 12th piece of advice that I haven’t already said for the first rinse and repeat step in the writing section of these steps: Just keep at it. As you can see by the amount of steps, ‘writing the book’ (The first 6 or 7 steps) is only half of the process to getting published. I can almost guarantee that the ‘submitting the book’ steps will take a longer period of time, either because you need more titles from publishers to choose from, or because you have gotten better at writing the longer you’ve been at it.

Either way, until you are picked up, there is nothing I can really tell you that you won’t inevitably go through with whatever gatekeeper allows you in. I think this will be the last step for now, as I want to do posts on other subjects and anything more will be for people who have already gone passed the point of my help anyway.

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