How to Get Published Step 5: The Exposition

2016-04-15-1460708473-7548410-futureFoundationIs too much exposition a bad thing? I have 2 questions for people who say so. How much is too much and what kind of exposition? Entire books are some form of exposition or another. If you do it through showing instead of telling, it can be the best way to write.

Of course, there are different kinds of exposition, each with their own unique names, and some are better for writing an exciting story than others. For instance, the maid and butler style, or exposition through minor characters can be interesting way of doing this, but not very exciting (think C3PO and R2D2). Another common method is visual exposition.

These can be done to allow you to see how they can effect the narrative. Using this you can decide for yourself what style you may want to use to portray the exposition in the your story. My fifth piece of advice is this: Ask yourself if the way the your writing the story is the way you would want to people to read it.

Read more for an example of how to translate a setting into exposition.


Step 3: The Setting
Where ever they went she heard a strong female voice repeat, “Regan Todd, please come to Mace Terminal, Regan Todd to Mace Terminal.”

Extend Narrative with Exposition
Use a style of exposition that you think will give the feeling you want to portray. I’ll be using a boring one her to contrast the exciting one next time. The one I will use is the maid and butler style of exposition.

Step 4: The Exposition

Regan entered the board room, late as always. Artreal recrossed her legs and squared her shoulders. Posture was important to demand respect, not that Reg would know that. The man had barely shaved let alone try to fix his stoop.

“You’ve been away for a year.” Artreal tried to make her voice accusing to compel him to speak. “Did you succeed in your journey?”

Reg nodded, his eyes lingering on the floor before pulling out a chair to sit at the table. “I have made a coven with the superior race, although I had to help the race remain superior through a little learning, but yes, it took me some time to earn their trust.”

“You interfered in the world?” That was not apart of his mission and she knew from his sheepish expression that he knew this. “You know what our job here at SUM is, right?”

“Locate resources valuable to Earth, locate superior species, make coven with superior species for a share in the resources, return to claim these resources,” Reg listed and then inclined his head. “Even if you did pass ahead of me in the Higher Academ, recall that this is the second journey I’ve taken to another world, and tomorrow will be only your first.”

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