How to Get Published Step 1: The Idea

bakuman-takagi-akitoAs I take my last steps to becoming a published author, I thought I would record all of the steps I took down this road so that I can look back at it just in case I get Alzheimer’s (or if anyone else is interested in the process).

The first step is the easiest, and yes, literally anyone can do it. You come up with an idea for a story, one that lasts long enough for you to want to act on it. This can be inspired by a friend or another piece of art, but most importantly, it has to be flexible enough that you can apply future ideas to it.

I generally call these ideas bubble pops (don’t think of that K-pop song, I beg you) because you absorb information that fills the bubble, and eventually the bubble becomes so large that it bursts. If you’re lucky, where that bubble was is a newly glowing light bulb; an idea interesting enough that you start exploring it in your mind or with your friends.

If it sticks around for long enough, it will start to annoy you, you might even become paranoid you’ll forget it, so you write it down. My first advise is this: Write that idea down with as much detail as you can. You’ll undoubtedly come back to it later.

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