Where is Your Anime Comfort Zone?

Where is your comfort zone on this anime continuum?anime-sexuality-continuumI haven’t watched all of these anime but I’ve watched enough scenes from them to give me an idea of what kind of explicit content they consist of. Honestly, I wouldn’t be comfortable watching anything past High School of the Dead with my girlfriend,
BUT I would be comfortable watching shows a lot worse than Bible Black on my own. However, whether I’m comfortable watching something doesn’t mean I would enjoy them. In fact, I couldn’t imagine myself enjoying anything passed High School DxD.
But that’s just me.

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16 Responses to Where is Your Anime Comfort Zone?

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  3. madreceiver says:

    Ecchi shows I mostly skip. I’ll watch shows with fan service if they are good enough to hold my attention. I don’t particularly like fan-service, it’s just kind of there and occasionally annoying. On your scale I have watched as high as Kill La Kill and Bakemonogatari is a favorite of mine. However there have been a couple of ecchi comedies that I did like (just can’t remember their names right now).

  4. D.T. Nova says:

    Out of the ones named, Kill la Kill is the highest one that I have watched and liked.

  5. exof954 says:

    Yeah, I’ve only gone as far down as Kill La Kill. I know where my tastes lie.

    …We aren’t counting that childhood friend who tried to show me KissXSis.

  6. Silvachief says:

    I would dispute the places of some of those anime (To Love-Ru higher than DxD? Please.) but to answer the posed question…as long as there’s enough there to make a series worth watching for more than the fan service i’m comfortable with ecchi if i’m alone. Of the examples listed, however, it’s interesting to note that DxD is the only anime above “Anime With Fan Service” that i’ve enjoyed.

    Part of it has to do with what the anime is trying to accomplish, i’ve found. DxD is completely unashamed of its fan service and doesn’t pretend to be anything other than an ecchi anime. When shows hurriedly slot fan service into scenes while the plot is looking the other way, it makes me more uncomfortable. I mean, no one who’s against fan service would watch DxD anyway, so nothing is lost by the inclusion of more fan service, whereas Sword Art Online may turn potential anime fans away.

  7. Jillian Vergara says:

    I’m at Anime.. Is that the starting line or something? The SAO was perfectly placed in between Anime and Anime with Fan Service though, because I tried watching it, thinking I’d like it but I gave up after 3 chapters of Season 2 ..

  8. lynlynsays says:

    I think I am at Anime with Fan Service.

    • Lazarinth says:

      Lol I want to say something sarcastic like ‘oh come on, live a little’ but without that beginning context it wouldn’t have seemed like sarcasm. As I said, High School of Dead would be my first line in the sand, which is right on the boarder of anime with fan service.

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