First Reaction to the 2nd Arc of SAO (Accompanied by its Blatant Fan Service)

So was the second arc of SAO really that terrible? If you’re comparing it to the first arc of SAO, then not really, but if you compare it almost every other anime, then yes. I mean most of the plot was copied over from the first arc anyway. For this reason, I wrote down my reactions of my first time watching it to share in my agitation of why they didn’t fix this broken anime. I will be accompanying each reaction with its fan service gifs because as we all know boob-shots is the only way to keep the anime watcher’s attentions EVERY god damn episode.

sao-15-128Episode 15 – First off, Kirito really should have laughed at Sugou’s bullshit threats straight off the bat, but no, Broody Mc’Broodskin needed to brood. What’s with Sword Art Online inconsistent morals around adoption anyway? Assuming Sugou’s being adopted into a family is akin to marrying Asuna is like saying that Kirito is already married to Suguha. And shouldn’t have there been security cameras or supervision on those patients? Wouldn’t Kirito have requested it considering Mr. Molester’s actions?

sword-art-online-16-alfheim-online-045Episode 16 – So the goal of ALfheim is to get to the top of the tree like getting to the top of the tower in Aincrad? Well, I would say don’t fix what’s not broken but it’s clear that the first game was definitely broken. Some A.I. ex Machina with Yui showing up and even Kirito admits to his white knighting this damsel in distress was cliche, not to mention it making no fucking sense when comparing how long they’ve been the game for! Pretty music and animation doesn’t redeem bad!

sao-17-ntr-035Episode 17 – It doesn’t matter if Kirito’s skills passed over, he shouldn’t be good enough to take down a high level group in the first five minutes of playing if he can’t fly properly! Count the amount of times in SAO when there’s exposition given in a cafe or restaurant, this is not a good thing, especially when half of the shots are directed at the Leafa’s tits. Did Oberon make it so Asuna’s abilities didn’t pass over? Is that why she’s a pathetic damsel who cries ‘Kirito, please save me?’ in this arc of the anime? Does Oberon think his memory manipulation will stop Asuna from telling her dad about his plans? Why is none of this even suggested in the series?


Episode 18 – Wait, Suguha started playing a virtual game even after Kirito got stuck in one? What a fucking moron! Leafa being pressured to stay in a party and Kirito fighting on a girl’s behalf, this seems familiar. Oh, that’s right, because the exact same thing happened in arc one! With the young characters, mix of colors, bright tones and rapey sao-18-omake-009scenes, this anime’s audience demographic is totally fucked. Wait, avatars need guarding while logged off? WTF kind of game mechanic is that? How does that even work if you’re not in a multi-national group? Does someone have to stay up all night?


Episode 19 – Learning the magic seems more like a chore than a game but don’t worry, like with DBZ, screaming gives the main characters more power in this episode. I have the feeling that Kirito’s ‘will’ is going to break the game for no reason again… and now he’s a demon for no reason… and he doesn’t remember why… MOM! The game broke again! How convenient for this fight and I’m sure this demon transformation ability will come in very useful when he uses it again later on, right?… RIGHT!?

sword-art-online-boobs-and-battle-anime-20-102Episode 20 – “Running away from a fight isn’t really my style” –Yeah, especially when your girlfriend’s freedom is on the line as time is slipping by. WHY is Kirito wasting time taking the lead in something he has nothing to do with? Has he read the script to find out these people are going to assist him later on? Was this exploding bad guy even a character before now? And WAIT! He dual wields in this match! WTF! I thought that wasn’t an option! Yup, who cares about rules the anime creates?


Episode 21 – Listen, when you have colorful kiddy atmosphere in a colorful game with young looking characters, but also tentacle rape, something is very wrong with your intended audience. Is this supposed to be funny? Welcome to ALfheim where the creators wanted everyone to know their hentai fetishes.

Episode 22 – Now I have used the word ‘contrived’ sword-art-online-22-069a lot when describing a lot of the emotion in
SAO. This episode is a perfect example. Why is it that not until Leafa has fallen for Kirito that he says Asuna’s name? It makes no sense that in all the time they had spend before that that either she wouldn’t ask who this “mommy” was or he would never tell her. It was put in there for the very sake of this effect, but it doesn’t fit unless he knew who she was all along and wanted to hide his identity. And why was Suguha so ashamed? It’s not like they did anything, her reaction is more telling than anything they did in the game!

sao-23-060Episode 23 – Wait, Kirito’s method of closing the gap between him and his sister was by escaping back into another game and playing with someone who he thinks is some random gamer? Why is he screwing about fighting her? And after all that, he’s still leading his sister on by saying the jury’s still out on their relationship even with a long term girlfriend? Oh, more dual wielding and the gate of the final dungeon can’t be accessed by a player? Screw the rules I have an animation budget!


Episode 24 – Why is Kirito running up a spiraling path when he can fly? Oh, I know, because fuck SAO, that’s why. He’s actually shocked Sugou is behind this, even after what he admitted to him in the first episode? I always hear that Oberon is a bad villain because he’s an ‘attempted’ rapist and put pain reception in his game, but at least he has a clear motive unlike Akihaba who literally caused the deaths of thousands of people and forgot the reason why. But no, now this mass murderer is a good guy and immortal for helping Kirito stop him and get Asuna out. Which, you know, means nothing when he could have done it from the beginning!


Episode 25 –  Now I remember why the end of SAO II seemed so familiar. Butt hurt bad guy comes to attack girl gamer IRL. Did Kirito cut the guy’s throat? Nope, so maybe instead of “I fought the final boss” it should have been, “The guy who wants to marry you just knifed me but I let him go.” sao-extra-edition-1
Then the police conveniently show up without anyone calling them and the first of many of Kirito’s spurn women’s club is held before Kirito once again leads on his sister in front of everyone. And they all live haremly ever after.

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9 Responses to First Reaction to the 2nd Arc of SAO (Accompanied by its Blatant Fan Service)

  1. Silvachief says:

    I really liked the first arc and found the second to be okay. The third was pretty average and i’d be surprised if the fourth redeemed the series.

  2. Silvachief says:

    And the future is now, same format as the last comment.

    Legitimately bad:

    – Fan service: We all know it.
    – Rapey scenes: One I can understand, but when there are used multiple times they quickly become the easy way to make your audience uncomfortable and that’s lazy writing.
    – Making Asuna a damsel in distress. Considering her major role in the first season, practically cutting her out and ignoring her original image was a bad decision.
    – Tentacle rape: Yeah, that was weird.
    – Not sure how to think of Suguha yet. While i’m pretty convinced he didn’t mean it the way you’ve interpreted, that’s a hell of an ambiguous way to say whatever he was meaning. Kirito tries pretty hard not to put his foot down and tell other women he’s taken, which is odd and only serves to continue the harem dream, which in turn is bad. LEading on his sister at the end is part of this.

    Who cares?:

    – Not sure what you mean by the white-knighting and time in the game.
    – Exposition in cafes. For one, talking in cafes is common, but secondly this isn’t something that registered for me, so for me personally the exposition never seemed overdone (well, until SAO II, that is).
    – Heroines trying to get away from groups. Possibly lazy writing, maybe? But the degree of importance is different and the parties themselves are different, so i’m not fussed.
    – Demon for no reason. Put this in the middle more because it’s a bit of both sides than because it’s a true “who cares” point. High level illusion magic is why he was a demon, and it did lots of damage because it shared his stats. Why was his illusion solid? *shrugs*
    – Not asking about or mentioning Asuna. I’m tempted to put this to politeness in an MMO (and a Japanese one at that) considering they barely knew each other. Still, it -is- at least a little odd.
    – Running when he could fly. No real reason I suppose, but it’s not like it makes a difference to anything. Not even Oberon flies up there, so maybe you can’t for whatever reason.

    Actually fine:

    -Security cameras on patients. Doesn’t happen; people need their privacy.
    – Kirito staying quiet. His word vs the successful businessman’s, who’s going to win?
    – Sugou’s threat. Conflicted about this one. On the one hand we may be underestimating the power of arranged marriages. On the other hand Asuna would never stand for it once she woke up. Either way, Kirito is an insecure teenager so of course he’s going to assume he can’t do anything about it.
    – Inconsistent morals re:adoption. Your two examples lie in separate contexts. For a prestigious family to allow someone to take over their business via marriage that person needs to be adopted into their family. By having done that, they have effectively stated that the marriage is their will and therefore inevitable. Kirito was adopted because of normal reasons.
    – Yui showing up. Alfheim was made from the same data as SAO and Yui as an AI program was installed on Kirito’s hard drive, so no weirdness there. What -is- weird is that Kirito actually managed to download her program in the two seconds he had access to the admin account.
    – Similarities between games. SAO = travel to the top of a many-floored tower with a number of settings over a number of years. Alfheim = Exploring a single world with a big tree in the middle with a single quest to complete. Somewhat different.
    – Kirito taking out groups. He’s learned to fly properly, just with the remote. We see the kid who has a crush on Sugu flying with a remote later on and still doing pretty well too.
    – Oberon/Asuna. Oberon has admin rights so can change anyone’s stats easily. His mind-altering ability could potentially do anything at all. He could make it so Asuna likes him and forgets the bad stuff including Kirito. None of it’s suggested because…well, it’s not really an issue.
    – Suguha playing Alfheim. Not that weird; since she wanted to get an idea of the world her brother was experiencing. Also, the new helmets have no proven negative effects >.>
    – Avatars need to be protected. When away from keyboard (or headset) like they were in the anime, yes. AFK characters can’t defend themselves.
    – Kirito’s fight vs the red guy. I don’t think willpower had anything to do with this one. With one crappy sword they were evenly matched, with another great one he beat him. The explosion was odd, but whether he was a character before or not is irrelevant because he’s a fairly short-term character.
    -Dual wield. I don’t think anyone said it -wasn’t- an option. Kirito probably just wanted to try a two-hander and then decided the dual wielding worked better.
    -Suguha ashamed. Ashamed is the wrong word. More like crushed because she finally thought she’d gotten over her feelings for Kirito when it turned out to be him she had fallen for a second time. That’s ridiculously rough, so her reaction is understandable.
    – Getting closer to Suguha. Yes, he wants to get closer to Suguha, it’s just that he kinda wants to save his girlfriend right now.
    – Fighting Suguha. It’s pretty common to work out negative emotions via physical action. I’m not gonna say it’s a fantastic idea but it’s not uncommon. Time-wise he still has 3+ days at that point I think.
    – Gate can’t be accessed by players. Completely intentional.
    – Akihiko good guy. He’s not really painted in that light. And he didn’t do it earlier because, as we’ve covered, he’s weird and wanted to see what Kirito could accomplish.
    – Not killing Akihiko. The outside (the parking lot) is probably where there -are- cameras. They would show he had disabled Sugou and then deliberately killed him. Also, he may not have wanted to kill anyone he didn’t have to?
    – Police showing up. I can almost guarantee that someone called the police XD And it’s hardly “convenient” when the action is already over.

    Basically, if the fan service or harem aspects annoy you enough to ruin the series then fair enough. Otherwise…well, you can hate anything if you really want to.

    • Lazarinth says:

      Once again, only the “Actually fine” parts:
      Security: It may not be like the CDHB, but they might still get involved if a warning was issued, despite who made it (hospital security really has nothing else to do). Sugou’s threat: Kirito’s insecurity is another way of putting my point, no real disagreement here. Adoption: Maybe succession would have been a better way of putting it in that case. Yui: The timing was a part of what I meant, once again no real disagreement. Similarities: ‘First Reactions’ remember, their descriptions in that episode sounded VERY similar. Fighting groups: I’ll give you this one considering the playing ‘skill’ was passed on and its similarities to Aincrad, plus it did say it was all skill and not a level or ability-based game. Asuna: These questions were because it wasn’t mentioned, that was my problem with it. Suguha in the game: I get she was ignorant of what was happening with Asuna but I’m still surprised the parents let her risk it after what happened to their son.
      (Where are the parents anyway?)
      Avatars: Give me one game where this is needed when you’re logged off. Dual wield: So I just looked it up and Duel Blades is not a skill in Afheim, unlike in Aincrad anyone can do it. This difference is not explained in the anime, and thus the reason for my confusion. Suguha ashamed: Is it insensitive to say she could have kept her feelings to herself? Gate: By ‘broken’ I don’t mean by a glitch. I mean it in the unfair or unbalanced way. Akihiko: This is a perfect example of my main problem with SAO. I felt that by helping Kirito he was being painted as a villian seeking redemption, where in context he was still a lunatic murderer. Not killing Sugou: Self-defense. I would have at least immobilized him considering his murderous state. Police showing up: Lol so now hospital security is relevant?

      Yes but ALL of the ‘Legitimately bad’ elements and many of the “Who cares” elements were what put me off it and the pretty animation and emotional set ups were not enough to make me look past them.

      • Silvachief says:

        – Security/Kirito. In an ideal or even normal world, perhaps. However, the fact remains that Kirito would feel hemmed in at that point in time.
        – Suguha. Her parents may not even know. I mean, parents don’t even exist in anime, right?
        – Avatars. They didn’t log off, they temporarily left their VR device without doing so which is known as being AFK. This happens in literally every MMO. Would it have been smarter to log off? Probably, but it’s a minor hassle to stat everything back up again.
        – Dual Wield. Actually, after watching more SAO last night I have to call BS on this one as well since it’s specifically mentioned that it’s note a skill and Kirito is simply “using separate one-handed attacks one after another”. I shit you not.
        – Suguha. Not necessarily insensitive, but she probably wanted to lash out and wanted Kirito to understand why she was upset.
        – Gate. I knew what you meant, and it was done by design so the game couldn’t be finished. It’s a silly long-term idea but the devs would just have to tell players that there -is- a way to open it and the players would have no choice but to search for that way. They may have even planned to stall for time to implement a patch after the research was finished. The real question is why they put their research labs in a place that players were supposed to aim for…
        – Akihiko. My feelings about his villain status are covered in my other comment. I think all we can say here is that we saw him differently.
        – Self-defence. Again, he’s probably in view of cameras which would show the killing wasn’t really self defence. Should he have done more? Maybe, though it’s not like Sugou was a threat without his knife.
        – Police. Well…yes. Different situation.

    • Lazarinth says:

      Kirito: Just saying I would have reacted differently (especially considering the circumstances and the same goes for the point about getting security). Avatars: Incorrect, Leafa said “We take turns logging out and resting.” Suguha: In other words, she wanted to try it and got put in the wing with the rest of Kirito’s spurned women’s club. Gate: I guess because it was the one place they couldn’t get to. But yes, still stupid. Self-defense: Still would have immobilized him and with the camera footage it would have been considered necessary force after he tried to murder him. Now thinking about it, many of my complaints are of Kirito’s reactions, I can only assume others feel the same considering how unpopular his character is with other fans.

    • Lazarinth says:

      In the dub also. In the end I think we have shifted some of the Actually fines into the Who cares category for you and shifted some of the Legitimately bad into the Who cares category for me. Either way, despite me attacking it and you defending it, I feel we have mostly met each other half way with only Akihiko, game mechanics and character reactions being the grey area of contention. I feel I will repost the firsts one considering our discussion like what I did with our Muvluv discussion.

      • Silvachief says:

        That sounds fine to me. It’s always hard to discuss something purely via text without seeming argumentative, so it’s good that we’re both aware we only want to discuss the issues rather than actually fight over them XD

  3. kozuka12 says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself 😂

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