The Consequences of Anime Budget Constrants

As with every decade, the 90s and 2000s brought some real classics to the medium of anime. But at the same time these anime really suffered from a bad budget leading to certain methods which animation studios used to save money. What I’ll be doing is going through these methods and classic examples of anime which used them and I hope from this you gain a higher appreciation the kinds of animation we get today.

First, the repeated character animations:

Although the backgrounds of certaintrigun-opening scenes may change, there is no doubt that in anime like Trigun, Neon Genesis Evangelion and even Code Geass there are a few animations of the characters in the scene that are repeated several times throughout a series. Some times it is the whole scenes that repeat such as character transformations in popular shojo anime like Card Captors or Sailor Moon.

Second, inconsistent animations per episode:  comp13

Be it from the inconsistencies because of the changing design of the characters over time as with the examples above or just different animators that are used per episode in long running shows like Dragon Ball z or Naruto which is really obvious, but when you are watching a series and the animation or design changes from episode to episode, or even from scene to scene with even lower budget anime like Gungrave, you really do notice it! Not only was it distracting when the quality of episodes drop but it break immersion when characters suddenly start looking stupid.

Third, when the budget runs out entirely before the end:

Some studios in the 90s didn’t give their ep 25animators enough of a budget for them to finish the projects they were funded to begin. Gainax is very bad for its studio budget for ambitious projects. Nothing shows this more than Anno’s Evangelion and His and Her Circumstances, and if you look at the ending to anime like Yu Yu Hakusho that revert to manga slides you can’t help but think that someone didn’t fight for and extra grand for animation costs.

I’m sure there are a few more budget problems with anime and I might add in a few later but any of them come to your mind put them in the comments and I’dd that as well.

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One Response to The Consequences of Anime Budget Constrants

  1. Silvachief says:

    What about that elevator sequence in Evangelion? That was pure gold XD

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