Free Spirit Award! x2

free-spirit-awardWow, people out there must really enjoy me being an asshole because no matter how much I try to raise the bar on being one, people keep sending me these awards. Alright, here’s another Free Spirit Award from FiddleTwix and here’s a just message to you Mr. Twix, just remember that you asked for this. The funny thing is that the prompt, “Little things in life that never cease to put a smile on your face” is perfect for the theme of this post, so without further adieu allow me to free my inner asshole.

“Little things in life that never cease to put a smile on your face.”

  1. People getting laughed at when being offended by something not PC.
  2. Watching children getting hurt so long as I don’t have to hear them cry.
  3. Feeling a couple of pounds lighter after taking a massive dump.
  4. Kittens…. falling from really high places (What? Cats are pretty much impervious to gravity – go on, look up the terminal velocity of a cat).
  5. The straw that breaks the camels back to make people snap with rage.

Here’s the best example I could find.

Once again, considering the rules say nothing about passing this post on, I’m not going to until someone gives me the details on passing it on. Besides, it takes me more time to get the links for the other bloggers than it does to write these bloody things.

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