[Guest Game Review] Final Fantasy XIV

qD2VGFjPpEdX.878x0.Z-Z96KYqWith Final Fantasy XV coming out soon, and Final Fantasy being my favorite game series, NeverSoftly will be reviewing FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward on my behalf:

After the disaster that was Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 released back in 2011, SquareEnix shutdown and remade the game released in its new form September 2013 named A Realm Reborn. The Primal Bahamut summoned the great meteor used to destroy all life in Eorzia. Moments before the world’s destruction, the player is transported through time for a second chance at defeating Bahamut before he casts his meteor. This is the beginning of our A Realm Reborn story. The Garlean empire has joined forces with mystical dark beings named the Ascians to aid in the resurrection of Bahamut and end all life in Eoriza. Ascicans are summoners of powerful beings known as Primals, known in previous FF titles as Eidolons or Aeons. Players are titled ‘The Warrior of Light’ by The Twelve Gods and the creator Hydaelynand are tested against the Primals as they progress through the games story, following a group of talented rebels named The Scions.

originalFinal Fantasy XIV can be played on the Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and PC. All of which are cross platformed meaning players can play together regardless of what console they’re using. This brings up the control scheme and how it is implemented for both console controller and PC mouse and keyboard. Because of this the game is designed to be played with both. Though the mechanics of pressing buttons on your hotbar to preform abilities remains familiar like most other MMORPGs, what separates it from other MMORPGs is the controller hotbarconfiguration. Once a player reaches the maximum level, they’ve earned multiple abilities that need to be accessed in the middle of a battle quickly and effortlessly. The controller scheme enables the play to do just that.

Final-Fantasy-XIV-Heavensward-A-Tour-of-the-North-Gameplay-TrailerGraphics comparisons show the PC version of the game has the sharper more detailed graphics and shorter load times. Amazing detailed cities and towns filled with NPCs chattering and running around really make them feel alive. The attention to detail in character armour and clothes, enemies and abilities makes it a very pretty game, needing a powerful computer to run at maximum settings. Game updates are very regular with patch 3.1 only a few weeks away even after only 3 months since the release of its first expansion, Heavensward. Frequent updates give players something to look forward to rather than running the same content that can become stale quickly. Updates often include new dungeons, items for crafting or even new classes. The music and sound of Eorzia are composed by NobouUematsu, the composer of many SquareSoft and SquareEnix games. Many themes have been remixed for XIV creating a feeling of nostalgia for those familiar with previous entries in the series.

15484779017_9b37604d47_zFinal Fantasy XIV can be summed as a ‘Theme Park’ MMORPG with many activities to do in the game that do not count towards traditional leveling up or character growth. For example the Gold Saucer minigames and Chocobo Racing. These features, again are similar to previous titles. If you’re a fan of MMORPGs and Final Fantasy, play this game. Otherwise save your money as it struggles to bring anything new to the genre other than its cross platform play.

Total Rank: 8/10

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4 Responses to [Guest Game Review] Final Fantasy XIV

  1. Silvachief says:

    Having picked up a trial for the game in the last week, this is a post I can actually comment on (and know at least a little about what i’m writing)! I agree very much with three of the features mentioned in the review; the original game was a horrific disappointment, the graphics are fantastic (though i’d say they look great on PS4 as well, after having compared with a friend’s copy) and the recycling of previously used audio makes for a plethora of nostalgic moments (and the BGM simply sounds amazing, to boot). Additionally, I love that a single character can fill all class and profession roles.

    That all said, I have some complaints about the game as well. The gathering professions are a major chore, considering they consist of running in a very small circle for an extended period of time and you can’t do them while performing other tasks. Secondly, the earlier quests at the very least are incredibly same-y; the auto-loot system (which I may be able to turn off, I haven’t checked) means that just about every quest is a kill-quest. WoW’s managed to break that trend with its later expansions so i’ll be interested to see if FFXIV does the same.

    Still, i’m having fun with it so at the moment i’d give about the same ranking or maybe slightly lower. The game needs to take a look at other MMOs and learn from them, as well as working on smaller ease-of-use details that are rather inconvenient.

    • Lazarinth says:

      It’s a shame I never passed over my gaming to the PC master race considering what I’m missing out on. I am about half way through watching Vesperia, though I feel I am only getting a third of the enjoyment I would’ve gotten from playing it as much of the dialogue is text and the battles are a huge part of it.

      • Silvachief says:

        Yeah, the enjoyment of Vesperia mostly comes from being the player so I wasn’t sure you would enjoy just watching it. Sitting in the hotseat yourself makes it easier to see past some of the more generic plot devices.

    • Lazarinth says:

      It’s alright, I think the dialogue is the best part in watching it. The English dub is very good and I can really appreciate the writing despite the constant calling of attack names and repeated end of battle lines. My main problem is with the objectives of the game. With all the distractions it takes forever for them to find Flynn and then the Blastia (though you don’t actually find rather them than trigger a cut scene where they show up) only for you to give the Blastia to Flynn and then’re all like ‘Well, now what? Oh I know! Let’s start a guild just coz’. The journey just felt like an excuse to meet characters.

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