The Free Spirit Award (A Rant On Faith)


The majority of my posts these days are becoming responses to award nomination chain mails. So once again I’m going to respond in the most assholish way possible to see if anyone will continue sending them to me. This one came from LynLynSays and here are the rules:

  • Post about the topic that the previous nominee selected.
  • You can create the post whatever way you want.
  • And put the logo.

The topics this time are:
“When Love Hurts…” and “No Faith In…”

Well, considering writing about “When Love Hurts…” in the most assholish way possible is just begging for an anal sex joke, I think I’ll choose “No Faith in…” instead. Otherwise it would just be too easy.

Although there are base definitions of the word faith, there are about as many interpretations of what it means as their are people. It’s here where my inner-asshole slips out again, as for me, faith is synonymous with either a baseless, hopeful guess in the real world sense or, in the religious sense, having some kind of mental disability OR ability for double-think that we should be very concerned about. Admittedly, I am also one to fall for a hopeful guess once in a while, but I try squash as many assumptions I have without evidence that I can, and I am more than willing to have my mind changed when evidence is provided. Now children, you should never go full asshole, but in this next paragraph I’m going to try.

*Big Breath In*

What, are you all fucking retards? I mean we live in a time when everything we have ever discovered are mere finger movements away from being in front of our eyes. We don’t have to assume or guess when every peer-reviewed observation in science is accessible with the right link. All it takes is the simplest understanding that not having evidence for something is not in itself evidence that something exists and then bam! Your eyes are open to the world that everyone else can see and that kind of faith is a concept only relevant to the religious and the mentally insane. But, admittedly, being able to have no faith in all things that can’t be proven or proven wrong would defy our very evolution. In other words, we evolved to have faith because it was our ancestor’s paranoia of what predators were hiding in the darkness that kept us alive long enough to reproduce.

Here are three great quotes to remember; the first is from Tim Minchin – “Science adjusts it’s beliefs based on what observed, faith is the denial of observations so that faith can be preserved.” The second is from Christopher Hitchens – “That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”  And the third is from Christian Bale on the set of Terminator Salvation – “Shut the fuck up and just THINK for one fucking second!”

Considering the rules say nothing about passing this post on, I’m not going to until someone gives me the details on passing it on. Besides, it takes me more time to get the links for the other bloggers than it does to write these bloody things.

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4 Responses to The Free Spirit Award (A Rant On Faith)

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  2. lynlynsays says:

    LOL. You responded the way I expected you too. *thumbs up* Great post, and laugh.

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