[Drafting a Novel on a Blog] Chapter 1 – The Time Traveling Arms Dealer

One of my favorite authors did something I hadn’t seen before. He wrote an entire book chapter-by-chapter as posts on his blog. Granted, it wasn’t his best book, but as a reader it was fun to follow, like getting a piece of a puzzle regularly to put together. So as most great authors do, I’m going to try to copy him. This is going to be as raw a draft as you can imagine but for those of you interested in the process of writing a novel, I’m going to put notes in brackets at each point to show my own method of writing.500px-Wormhole_travel_as_envisioned_by_Les_Bossinas_for_NASA(First, I start with an out of the ordinary premise that could link to other ideas I have.)
‘A Time Traveling Arms Dealer’ – Sounds good to me!

Chapter 1
(The first chapter is going to be very short. To begin with I like to write a first sentence that’s both interesting and bizarre, and then link it in with the character’s narrative.)

The universe is an interesting shape, like a doughnut with a cream filling. Now I’ve never been a cop, but even so, I like doughnuts. On the terminal in front of me the hologram of the Universe trembled and then, like a cell going through meiosis, the image of it divided in two leaving what looked like sperm tails on their rims. That’s right, one universe became two. This always happened when someone with the ability to time travel conceived of the notion to travel back in time. Just like on my first jump, seeing this reminded me that the multiverse theory proved the grandfather paradox wasn’t really a paradox at all.

(For those of you who don’t know what grandfather paradox is, it’s the idea that if you went back in time to kill your grandfather how could you have been born to go back in time to kill your grandfather? Because of the butterfly effect, this paradox applies to almost all backward time travel occurrences that doesn’t involve the multiverse theory.)

Observing the glowing panel in the darkness also gave me the feeling that the jump was inevitable, triggering my desire to defy this set destiny. On cue this notion caused the hologram of the universe to fuse to become one again. I shook my head and the splitting phenomenon repeated. I had to go back, otherwise all of the thousands upon thousands of different universes I’d created would mean nothing. I turned, the polyester seat creaking as I grabbed hold of the belt and helmet that would stop the nanites in my brain from going to mush inside the wormhole. From experience, I knew the pod would take care of the rest for me. The stick on my right glowed when I wrapped my hand around it, scanning my DNA as a warm tingle flowed into my palm. I applied pressure to the grip and gave a mental command for the device to activate.

(I’m trying not to use too much jargon here, I’m pretty sure most of what I’ve written has been covered in enough films and books for it to all make sense.)

Darkness opened before me like an eclipsed moon and the pod began to shake. Through the rattling cadence I heard as my scrap book fell from one of the shelves and clattered to the floor. The unorganized photos from other universes I had visited scattered everywhere. The sudden jolt of panic hit me but it was washed over with the stretching sensation I felt from being so close to the widening hole’s crest. I willed myself forward. The tremors increased as reality seemed to split and warp around my pod. I peered down to the panel. The universe I had created solidified from the transcendental blur it had been into yet another cream-filled doughnut as their tadpole tails vanished. I entered into this universe’s past from the future universe of my previous exploits, and as I did this I thought to myself;
Man, I really need to come up with a better analogy than baked goods for the dividing and recreation of all that ever was.

(I did two important things here. Mentioning the scrap book, I’ve given this character a bit of humanity by showing his sentimentality and by bringing up the doughnut shape again I linked it to beginning of the chapter to give a serious situation a little comic relief.)

I’ll try to post a new chapter each week.

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