Love/Hate Reviews – The Farseer Trilogy

With yet another horrid book in this world having come out this year; ‘The Fool’s Assassin’ I can’t help but make a scathing review on how terrible the Farseer trilogy was. With every series being claimed to be ‘not as good as the ones that came before’ I was shocked at how bad the original trilogy was, making me feel that reading the later books would only work as an act of masochism. I’m not just going to rant about how bad they are  but give the reason as to why. Firstly, this is a Bildungsroman story, being the slow raising of a young main character and what a depressing and whining character he is. However, even with a character being consistently pathetic through the books it could still be acceptable But.Not.If.He’s.The.Only.Fucking.POV.In.The.Whole.Fucking.Trilogy! Fuck Farseer!

fstAdmittedly I might have given the first books a 4 or 5 (out of 100) after I let a smidgen of nostalgia give it some flavor but then I remember the grotesque, indeed painful ending of the third book and I can’t help but think what kind of sadistic editor read through this thing and then thought it should be published. As a whole the series is as detached from its own events and characters as anyone who reads it, not even the character’s abilities have a point. There are literally sentences that go ‘After a few assassinations I was beginning to get the hang of it.’ without having gone through a single one in detail whatsoever! This exact line is repeated in book two but with the word ‘assassination’ being replaced with ‘battles’, once again with no explanation of these battles at all. I would never recommend these books, in fact I will go one further and warn that any reader who sees these covers should stay away or approach with extreme prejudice. There’s a reason I put every cover I could find of them in the image section, they’re warning posters against a literary pathogen.

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6 Responses to Love/Hate Reviews – The Farseer Trilogy

  1. Demandred says:

    Truly, this trilogy represents one of the most awful reading experiences I’ve ever had -the pacing was agonizing and the main character was an incompetent bore with no redeeming characteristics whatsoever. What a painful experience.

    I think I stopped reading either near the end of the second book or the middle of the third …I just can’t remember; I removed them from my Kindle.

    Generally, it is rare for me to leave a book/series unfinished once begun, but in this case it happened.

  2. Drezin says:

    I totally agree with the post…. i Hate the Farseer triology…. i read it because i searched online for assassin fantasy books after i was done with Nightangel triiology and Mistborn ofcourse, Fitz is not even an assassin, he doesnt deserve to be call one. He learnt skills that almost served no purpose, i tend to wonder why he studied for years if his only mission was to poison someone. The ending was really bad for him……..You know what? I give up i just hate the book

    • Lazarinth says:

      Wow, that’s like going from freezing to boiling in one jump, reading the agonizingly slow Farseer trilogy right after reading anime-paced Night Angel could have been a combination to put even me off fantasy if that’s what I had started off with. Hell, there are so much better assassin fantasy books out there from science fantasy with Heroes Die to oriental fantasy like Across the Nightingale Floor. Even Grim Company and Gardens of the Moon have better assassin elements in them.

  3. Silvachief says:

    We’ve already talked about these, but I have to disagree with your assessment. Yes, it’s been a while since I read the books, but I don’t remember harboring any of the feelings you’ve described and in fact greatly enjoyed with (along with Robin Hobb’s other works).

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