The Inspector Green Tag Questionnaire


Before I get too sentimental here, this post is a questionnaire I got tagged to do by Kai from Deluscar. If you want to go straight to that just scroll past these next 2 paragraphs.

When I first got into blogging there were 3 bloggers that really inspired me to make my own and also welcomed me warmly into the aniblog community. Kai from Deluscar was the first blog that got me into any visual novels other than Fate Stay Night and the writing was interesting enough to keep me coming back. Silvachief from The Geek Clinic, as a fellow Kiwi, made me think I could really make my own and helped me every step of the way. We have also had the longest and best ongoing email conversations I’ve had over the last year. I truly consider them as friends. However, Overlord-G did one thing that the others didn’t. Yurination taught me how specific the theme of a blog could be and this helped me shape mine to my own interests. So even just being on a tagging list along with Silvacheif and OG on Kai’s blog is a pretty cool thing for me. As small as it seems, I’m honored to be included.

There are other bloggers that supported me and you’ll know who they are because that’s probably who I’ll be tagging next, but for this I got tagged by Kai along with Silvachief and OG, so go and check their questionnaires out as well. Finally here are my answers:


1. When was the last time you went to a store containin20141014_224426g anime?

When I went to Japan last October I did enough anime shopping to last me until my next trip to Akihabara. Though I went to an Anime Cafe in Auckland when I got back, it paled in comparison the the sights and sounds of a true Otaku shopping arcade.

2. Do you usually watch anime online? On what website?

Besides maybe some trailers or AMVs on youtube I generally download my anime from a torrent or as it comes out on When I get a house and don’t have to move my stuff every 2 years I plan on buying a shelf for the boxsets of all my favorites.

3. First Japanese word you learned from an anime?

‘Motto!’ from some hentai probably (that’s a joke). I remember it being ‘Kuso’ because I quoted it in my Japanese class in high school and my Sensei freaked out a bit before telling me what it meant (shit/crap curse-word).

4. Best animation style in your opinion?100FinalFantasyGunblade

The cutscene animation from some of the Final Fantasy games. They were like rewards you got for killing certain bosses but this was before you could just watch them all online. But where anime is concerned probably the design of Bebop or Death Note.

5. Best anime pet?images

Ein: A genius Corgi that that plays Shogi, eats magic mushrooms, hacks into crazy religious cult websites by using virtual reality goggles and, along with Ed, makes up the most ineffective bounty hunting team in space.

6. What is the longest anime you’ve ever watched?

If you consider it as one series as I do: Dragonball – Dragonball Z – Dragonball GT.
Naruto would have won if I hadn’t caught on to the filler aspect, thank you manga.

7. What is the shortest anime you’ve ever watched?

If Anime short films count then Pendulum at 3 minutes. If OVAs count then the Rurouni Kenshin prequels at 4 episodes. If neither of these count then FLCL at 6 episodes

8: What is your Favorite anime couple?baccano_anime_couple_isaac_dian_miria_harvent_desktop_1638x1024_hd-wallpaper-754858

If Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist aren’t an official couple by the end of the series (which I can understand) then definitely Isaac and Miria from Baccano. They’re just so much fun to watch in all their kooky adventures. Oh and they’re immortals.


And that’s the answers. For who I am going to tag:

The Otaku Judge

This guy has commented a lot on my blog which awesome. TAG!

Just Another Anime Fan

This is guy is devout to one of my favorite anime. TAG!


This guy has more writers on his blog than any other and always has good news. TAG!


1. When was the last time you went to a store containing anime?
2. Do you usually watch anime online? On what website?
3. First Japanese word you learned from an anime?
4. Best animation style in your opinion?
5. Best anime pet?
6. What is the longest anime you’ve ever watched?
7. What is the shortest anime you’ve ever watched?
8: What is your Favorite anime couple?


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18 Responses to The Inspector Green Tag Questionnaire

  1. Oh my goodness, it took me so long before I saw this. I’m a bit late to the party but I’ll answer anyway 😛

    1. Do general stores like JB Hi-Fi count? If so, then just before Christmas. If not, then waaaay back in June when I went to Sydney.

    2. Yep I usually watch online streams because I’m too lazy to download. Various legal (and illegal) websites.

    3. Nii-san! Thanks to Al in FMAB.

    4. I don’t really know! I like more realistic styles, but if it’s fluid enough, I tend to enjoy it.

    5. Heen from Howl’s Moving Castle. He’s so adorable.

    6. One Piece. Still watching. Making slow progress, but nevertheless, making progress.

    7. I’ve watched a 3-episode OVA… does that count? In terms of short episodes, I haven’t seen anything shorter than standard 25-min episodes.

    8. Mustang x Hawkeye (FMAB) and Jellal x Erza (Fairy Tail). So adorable.

    I would do this as a post, but I think most other anime bloggers have done it, and it’s gone out of fashion haha.

  2. Kai says:

    “When I went to Japan last October I did enough anime shopping to last me until my next trip to Akihabara. Though I went to an Anime Cafe in Auckland when I got back, it paled in comparison the the sights and sounds of a true Otaku shopping arcade.”
    I bet :\

    “‘Motto!’ from some hentai probably (that’s a joke).”
    Hmm. Incidentally, I learned “Yamete!” when I only just started watching hentai. Kids, watch hentai, it’s very educational.

    • Lazarinth says:

      Lol knowing what Yamete means the hentai you started out watching sounds a little rapey, then again I’ve heard as Yuri goes ‘no’ or ‘wait’ really does mean ‘yes’.
      ‘You shee kids, shree nos and yesh is still a yesh.”

      • Kai says:

        Nah, I don’t just watch rapey types. As proved, the second word I learned from hentai is “kiimmoooooochhhhiii”. Since then, I always had a habit of saying that word with extra emotion, “kiiiimooooooochhhhhhiiiiii”.

  3. Silvachief says:

    Thanks for the fantastic mention =) For what it’s worth, they’re also the longest-running and best email chains for me as well!

    As for responses to the questions…

    I’ll get to Japan at some point, I swear it! I’m also pretty keen on having a display case for all of my box sets. I plan to eventual buy all of my favorite anime that have been officially released in the West (the ones that haven’t obviously don’t want my money).

    I can’t believe I didn’t think of either of those couples! They probably wouldn’t pip out the two I mentioned on my list but they’re certainly next up. Isaac and Miria were especially hilarious ^_^

    As a final note, you can expect a package coming your way within the week!

    • Lazarinth says:

      If it is what i hope it is I’m going to have to list a few of the changes I’ve made to it while you were reading it. For instance i solved one rather large hole in the plot that i think you might have picked up on. But I’ll save that for next email along with the experiment I’m going to conduct for on the ending.

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  5. The Otaku Judge says:

    1. A year ago when I went to London’s Forbidden Planet. The bottom floor of the store is packed with anime DVDs, although they are overpriced.

    2. I watch anime DVDs and stuff I buy off iTunes mostly. When I watch anime online I am not loyal to a particular site and just use whatever Google brings up quickest.

    3. Bakka – thanks to Martian Successor Nadesico.

    4. Garden of Words stood out due to its animation.

    5. The pig from Clannad or the flying squirrel from Gargantia I suppose. I’m not a huge fan of mascot characters to be honest.

    6. Dragonball when I was younger. Due to the filler I doubt I could rewatch it all these days. I watched 150 episodes of One Piece, at the behest of a friend, before finally dropping it.

    7. The shorts collected in Short Peace: Ranko Tsukigume’s Longest Day.

    8. Nagisa and Tomoya from Clannad are a cute couple.

    • Lazarinth says:

      Garden of Words is very pretty but main for the lighting and the backgrounds. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Mokoto Shinkai’s character design especially the ones from voices of a distant star.

  6. Overlord-G says:

    Well done Lord Lazarynth!
    Lucky you for finding an anime themed shop,
    Downloaders unite!
    “Motto” indeed.
    The rest are good answers too.

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