3 Anime You Will Hate to Admit Are Overrated


No matter how much you love these anime you have to admit the attention they received was more than most of the other anime you’ve enjoyed just as much, if not more. Here are 3 in particular I believe fit the bill for being overrated. Once again, as I mentioned in my overrated fantasy books list, a thing has to be highly rated before it can be overrated. I’m not saying these are bad, just that how good they are does not match up to the praise and hype they received.


3 – Spirited Away
Being one of the first anime films to be shown in even mainstream western cinemas people acclaim this Hayou Miyazaki film as one of the best anime ever made. However, though still being very good, for anyone who has watched the other Gibli films (Grave of the Fireflies, Princess Mononoke, Nausicaa and the Valley of The Wind) you can see how because of its exposure to the west the praise of this film has been highly exaggerated.


2 – Sword Art Online
For every genre of media there is one example that is raised above the rest despite being just as generic. In the cyber punk (or gaming) genre, of Accel World, Log Horizon and the .Hack series none got as much hype and as big of a following as Sword Art Online. Was it that much better than all of these other series, not really, then why? Because fucking Harem BS that’s why and fans just love choosing their favorite heroine to jack off to.


1 – Puella Magica Madoka
I’ve heard a lot of things about this anime; that it’s the best ever; that it’s unique and gripping but to be honest out of every other anime I’ve watched this has been riding the hype train the most. Sure, it’s darkish for how child-friendly they designed the characters but this skewed ratio is nowhere near that of Now and Then, Here and There or Bokurano. This anime has been braised as subverting the magical girl genre when it should really be praised for popularizing the subversion of that genre. Has no one here seen Earth Girl Arguna? Well there you go.

What anime do you think have been overrated? List them down in the comment section unless it’s Pokemon, Dragonball Z or the BIG THREE… it doesn’t suit the theme of the title and there’s no need to point out the obvious (I mean SAO is already on there :P).

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8 Responses to 3 Anime You Will Hate to Admit Are Overrated

  1. Silvachief says:

    Having seen all but the newest Ghibli films, I do have to say that Spirited Away was one of my favorites. Having said that, I enjoy it (and, to be honest, most of the Ghibli movies) as more of a cartoon than an anime movie. Is it overrated? Well, I don’t hear all that much about it nowadays anyway.

    Sword Art Online has problems but is still very enjoyable. Is it overrated? If you take into account the hoards of people screaming about how bad it actually is and that anyone with any sense could see it was horrible, well…
    Does it get more attention than the others for questionable reasons? I’d call that one debatable. Accel World has more fan service and an arguably less epic story. Log Horizon is pretty average in my opinion; i’m not even sure I want to watch the second season. And I enjoyed .Hack but it doesn’t have the same kind of relatability as SAO. To be honest, i’m not too surprised by its popularity versus those other titles.

    Madoka Magica is great because it explores the human psyche in the context of yada yada yada…
    I can appreciate Madoka Magica and enjoyed watching it. Some of it was fantastic. I do think it gets a little too hyped up though, so I agree with you on this one. I haven’t seen those other titles you’ve mentioned though, so I can’t really discuss this one.

    As for my own list (in no particular order and without explanations):
    – Chuunibyou
    – Psycho Pass
    – K-On!
    – Log Horizon
    – Gurren Lagann

    If you asked me about visual novels the list would be a lot longer >.>

    • Lazarinth says:

      Spirited Away is still rated far above every other Gibli film in MAL and many other anime sites so that’s what i’m going off for that. I guess the sword art online hate does bring it down a peg now that I think about it. I’ll need to think of a suitable replacement.

      Of the ones on your list I only only watched Psycho Pass and Gurren Lagann (note the similarity in character design for K-on and Chuubiyou and compare to Magi) but I do want to watch Log Horizon some time, is it really not all that great?

      For visual novels I’m guessing Saya no Uta and Chaos;Head to name two, go ahead and list the others, I’m sure it will filter a few out that i was meaning to play.

      • Silvachief says:

        I personally thought Log Horizon was very average and I haven’t heard much about the second season even though people seemed to love the first.

        For VNs:

        Clannad (I don’t dislike it, but it’s not God’s gift like some people seem to think)
        Grisaia no Kajitsu
        Katawa Shoujo (see Clannad’s note)
        Saya no Uta
        Steins;Gate (Same as the last two notes)

    • Lazarinth says:

      Now looking into it Spirited Away is the highest grossing anime film, so there we go.

  2. Shame that I can’t nominate the big three as they are all way more over rated than the examples you listed. I guess I will go for Eva. Not a bad show, but it’s rubbish ending and annoying main character make me wonder why it became such a smash hit.

    • Lazarinth says:

      Well the title was ‘hate to admit are overrated’ and people just love pointing out the big three as though it weren’t obvious. As for Eva i find that the ending is either hit or miss for people. Hopefully they end the film series a bit more cohesively.

  3. Almost all the way through watching it, and I have to say Death Note. SO much hype not enough delivery.

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