Hiroshima was the Bomb!

Log 2

This is the part of the trip that might be lacking in the geek department but for those of you into old Japanes culture do I have something for you.



Hirosima 1

We left Osaka with a heartfelt farewell and with our tour group headed to the Koyobashi shrines up in the Koyosan mountains. Saw three massive shrines, temples n’all, and stayed in a temple with actual no-shit monks. Re capped on the old buddhist medatation and went for a walk through the largest cemetery in Japan at night.

Hiroshima 2After not eating any meat and sleeping on mats behind thin rice paper walls for a few days it was time to get back to civilization. We had to take a cable car to get back down the mountain and then a bus to catch the bullet train to Hiroshima, fastest way to get across the country.

20141008_210719In Hiroshima we did what any tourist should do and went into the Peace memorial and museam and had a history recap on the Hiroshima bombing. Two things really caught my eye here, one was the bomb… and the other was the Cowboy hat the American on tour had brought. I’ll leave the rest of what I did to your imagination.

20141009_001908We finished off the day with some more Japanese (can you still call the food that when you’re in the country it’s named after?), walked though the arcade and picked up a Yagami Light figurine for a friend who loves Deathnote.

All I can say is that this, for me, was where the older and traditional Japan met the new and modern in this trip and was some thing I had to experience once. Next will be Kyoto and if you don’t know the significance of that place in history I highly suggest watching with the Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin) OVAs or the Peace Maker anime. Samurai fighting Shinsengumi police, whole city on fire, pretty badass.

rurouni-kenshin (2)


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