New Cover Art for my Novel

1285923823503I write fantasy books (for those of you who don’t already know). It’s a hobby I’ve had for a while now and after 15 years of practice I’m beginning to think it’s about time I try publishing something. The book I’ve decided to sell is called ‘Gods of the Mountain’. It’s finished and though I still have to wait to get some feedback from some beta readers eventually you’re going to see this book up on amazon and maybe a few bookshelves if I get myself an agent. Either way I’m pretty stoked at how well the cover turned out. Continue reading if you want to see it in the book cover format and the blurb to get a gist of what the book’s about.

Gods of the Mountain Cover


The Back of the Book

Having survived the cruelties of war, as well as his home city of Tyria becoming the Knownland’s hub of conspiracy, assassinations and a torturous inquisition, Faulk’s skepticism of any religious beliefs isn’t without good reason.

However, when the chance to leave the city comes in the form of a woman from the very powerful and religious race of the Lunari, not even a threat from an old friend-turned-assassin is going to stop his departure.

Starting out on his journey he is unaware of the building tension left in his wake. Suspicions over the identities of the assassins’ victims are mounting and only the city’s Inquisitor is close to understanding their true nature.

Time is running out and in the shadows a new King is awaiting his moment to take the throne.

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7 Responses to New Cover Art for my Novel

  1. The artwork is cool. Hope the novel proves to be a hit.

  2. The art looks pretty amazing, and I think it’s super cool that you wrote a book! You should totally try to get it published 😀 But I also think the synopsis was a bit unclear 😛 Anyway, good luck (:

  3. Silvachief says:

    Looks good my friend, but you need to take a quick look at that synopsis.

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