On Our Obsession with the New (An Open Letter to Those of a Non-Geek Persuasion)

Every time I have a conversation with someone about something popular in the media like the Game of Thrones books or television series, the Attack on Titan anime or comic book films yet to come out there is always one attitude from these people that rises to the surface; Impatience. They are frustrated that they have to wait for the new content to come out. ibfpnOlMjSP3u9Their entitlement as fans to consume new content not yet released makes them not excited but agitated. And, rather ironically, this attitude agitates me. Granted this impatient ‘hurry it up’ attitude can be seen as a compliment to the creators. The fact that people liked your work so much that they are not just looking forward to the next one but are indeed anxious for it could easily go to one’s head. But another side to this can be that this rushing from the fans on the creative process can lower the quality of the work itself depending on the creator. We can see this with game companies having to release patches for bugs that would’ve been found given more time for testing before release. On the other hand, some authors do thrive on this kind of excitement for their work and are better off for it. But neither of these are the reasons why this attitude is a pet peeve of mine.

There are 2 key reasons behind this reaction, the first being that this attitude is ungrateful. Most of these people haven’t created anything to come close to their quality in their life but have the nerve to feel that those that do put the effort in, that do create quality works, geolucasincarbonite-motivationalpoowe their fans something and should be quick about it. This entitlement can be seen backfiring when the slightest adjustment to a film series can be seen as unfaithful to its fans and is automatically ridiculed despite the genuine effort put into the work itself. One only needs to look at the haters of the Star Wars Prequels to pick this up. The second reason is that it’s close-minded. Now for those of you who aren’t a geek for a specific genre of book or anime or film please know that to some people the Hunger Games IS Scifi  and Games of Thrones IS fantasy, in the same respect that Harry Potter WAS a few years ago. In the same way for some people Attack on Titan IS anime just as it is with many fans of Naruto, One Piece or Bleach. But getting these people to realize that there are other things to this media outside these popular titles, indeed some even of better quality, is like trying to make an obsessive WOW player realize that that other MMOs exist.

Whenever I come across these people waiting for the new book, series or film I try to explain to them that their other things out there, older titles of the media or genre that have stood the test of time and are considered classics. But for some the term ‘classic’ can be reinterpreted as ‘aged’ and will have nothing to do with them. Even if the media is new it may be completely ignored by the majority of people despite it’s quality, I mean does it really take a television series for every good book series for people to realize that they are out there at all?

Game-of-Thrones-HD-Wallpaper (1)

“Dear those of the non-geek  persuasion, I beg you, take a geek’s recommendation seriously. Though it may be a matter of taste, we have spent much time sifting through much of the crap out there to find the few nuggets of quality a media or genre has to offer.”

My point is this, don’t pass up on older things just because of your obsession with the new. Like it or not sooner or later those new things will become old themselves and most of them will fade into obscurity, leaving you wishing you had spent your time on something with a longer lasting appeal than just bright animation and a ‘kinky’ story line. And for those of you with only the time to prioritize and taste the things presented right in front of you, please understand why a geek like me would get frustrated by your narrow-mindedness. It’s not that we don’t appreciate the effort to be involved with the community but, as pretentious as it sounds, you will still be labelled as a half-assed geek or tourist if you’ve played nothing but Pokemon and still consider yourself a gamer.

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4 Responses to On Our Obsession with the New (An Open Letter to Those of a Non-Geek Persuasion)

  1. Silvachief says:

    Hm. I guess I don’t have a strong opinion on those points, since I don’t often encounter people like that. I mean, a certain amount of anticipation of a new game or other release is to be expected; I’ve never talked to someone who has refused to try new things because they’re waiting for a particular title (granted, I don’t spend a huge amount of time on forums and the like).

    One thing I think is worth saying is that sometimes developers (or other creators of media) deserve the ill will they receive. Most of us pay for our games and I think it’s fair expect something of a decent quality. For instance, I think the reaction to Mass Effect 3’s ending was justified because Bioware really dropped the ball on that one (I don’t think their “improved” ending was much better, but it placated some people). I guess you have to separate genuine poor workmanship and creator’s intent…i’m not part of the Star Wars sequel generation so I can’t really comment on that.

  2. Jeyna Grace says:

    Patience is something all fandoms need to learn, but I guess the excitement always makes one lose patience.

    • Lazarinth says:

      One word cure for impatience: distraction. Find something else to occupy your attention, there are many amazing things already out there similar and if not better to the thing you’re waiting for.

      • Kai says:

        Basically what I do. I immersed myself in so much media I barely have time to keep up with the new stuffs anyway – most of the time, I don’t even watch/play/read most new stuffs on release date anyway, lol.

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