Violence by Gender in Anime (With Animations!)


I love fictional violence, hell, even if it’s a portrayal of violence that actually happened in the past I’d like to see it. My favorite genre along with Psycho-Thriller is Action and if you can tell me a more accurate word than violent to describe this genre I would like to hear it. Martial Arts films, Time-Bombs, I love ’em all. Added to this, anything that increases the violence in a media, be it having a long list of things to be violent against or having an antagonist that’s strong or clever enough to be a challenge for the hero, would for me make the story better. In fact I’ll go one further and say;


At the same time I try not to be sexist so I like to mix it up a bit. Though Man on Man, Man on Men or Men on Men are the ones I feel most the comfortable with because… well, I’m a man (that sentence could sound REALLY gay out of context). But I’m open for a bit of Woman on Woman, Woman on Man, Man on Woman or even Woman on Men (see Black Lagoon). I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Man on Women fight but feel free to link it if you know of one. But I tell you one thing, I’ve seen more mix gender fights where the women are just plainly kicking the man’s ass than vise-versa. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I can think of few exceptions BUT for every 1 of these;





I could find at least 20 of theses;





I don’t have anything against this trend, as I said I’m all for fictional violence, unbalanced or otherwise, but at the same time it’s interesting to see the kinds of reactions these anime receive. I found it odd that when the scene is shown of a man beating up a woman the anime or episode becomes controversial and can be heavily edited or banned in certain countries (e.g. Videl Crushed). But when the reverse is shown the reaction is generally that of comedy, each of the scenes of a woman beating men above coming from comedy anime. In fact there are entire anime series in which the main punch line to every joke is a male either being punched or mutilated by a female in some way.


Love Hina, Ookami-san, Fight Ippatsu! Jūden-chan!! are just some to name a few but the real anime that sends this point home is Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan. This is an example of not only being a plainly bad anime with terrible comedy but of an anime where if the genders were reversed it would either have been controversial or never have made it to the publishing stage. If ANYONE can show me an example of an anime with this extreme measure of violence but with the genders reversed I will take down this post but I am yet to see anything like it.

Just in case anyone jumps to conclusions I don’t think these anime affect people’s actions, at least people who know the difference between fiction and reality, and I don’t think that there is some underlying sexism to this notion, most are just for laughs. I’m merely recording a trend I’ve noticed after having watched many anime where this gimmick occurs. I’ll let the readers make up their own mind or disagree at their leisure. As I said I’m more than willing to see exceptions to this rule. But in the mean time I hope you appreciated the animations (it took a while to find them all XD.)

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14 Responses to Violence by Gender in Anime (With Animations!)

  1. likalaruku says:

    Dokuro-chan is fucking hilarious, except season 2, where they took everything good about it & chucked it out the window so they could turn it into an Eikan/Puni-Puni Poemi parody.

    Kill la Kill has some man-on-woman combat. They fight like equals.

  2. Seinen usually encompasses the genre you’re talking about, but technically it doesn’t specify violence. It literally means, for men or for young men, but it most often includes fighting, martial arts, mechs, etc.

    I think people are uncomfortable with women getting beaten up by men, and also parents would be more likely to ban their children from seeing that. I think we tend to think of women hitting men as relatively harmless, even a bit flirtatious (because any touching is good touching), but men hitting women as brutal and violent.

  3. (Excuse me for my ignorance but) do guys actually find it funny when girls beat up boys in comedy anime? Personally, I don’t get this kind of humour at all. Violence isn’t really funny to me, and the only place I’d actually enjoy watching it, is in seinen/shounen anime.

  4. Fate Zero had some violence against women and kids, done by men, which was a little surprising.

  5. Lambda says:

    All those animes are aimed at guys, and the attacks are done by girls they’re supposed to find attractive… Are guys secretly masochists? Is that the real message here? Comedy anime secretly having deep insights into the male mind.

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