My Visual Novel History (a.k.a A Series of Fortunate Events)

I went to an anime/game/geek con (which the biggest in New Zealand is called Armageddon) and after many convenient things happening…
-Happening to have a USB with an AMV I had made in my pocket.
-Happening to have walked into the room where the AMV competition was held.
-Happening to have made the AMV from an anime that had just been dubbed and Madhouse were desperately trying  to sell there.
…I won $50 dollars by winning the AMV competition, unlikely right?

597676Well just as unlikely was that with the money I brought the box set of Fate/Stay Night because that and Chrono Crusade were the the only box sets worth under $50 and I was feeling impulsive. I had no idea what Fate/Stay Night was but the box set looked cool so I gave it a watch and thought it was a cool idea but with an average execution. Skip forward a couple of months and I’m watching AMVs on YouTube and guess what I see? Scenes from Fate/Stay Night that weren’t in the anime I had brought. This was before Fate/Zero came out and I was fuming that my $50 didn’t get me all the anime the box set had promised. That’s when I saw that they were from openings to a ‘game’, which I promptly downloaded.

Now I had played Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid before this so I knew that a lot of games start out with some long narrative expositions, but after three hours my mind clicked onto the idea that a Visual Novel ‘game’ was more like a novel than an actual game. I have to admit I enjoyed reading it much more than watching the anime, it was more immersive and… wait… wait a minute… tits? Why is the main character getting sucked off… WTF? This can’t possibly be hentai, can it? I mean who would play 9 hours just to get to this?

Oh, how naive I was.


This didn’t put me off however, for what parts of the story I did enjoy were very effective and I was resolved to see if I could find any that were just as good. But when I looked up many, many top ten lists for best visual novels I realized that looking for others was gong to be like a heroin addict looking for something to rival his first hit. Luckily G-senjou no Maou, another consistent competitor on these lists, made me realize that there were indeed other Visual Novels out there I could enjoy more and from then I have been reading them on and off for 6 or 7 years.

In that time only a few I have read have joined the ranks of those two, Steins;Gate, Sharin no Kuni and MuvLuv Alternative (thank you Silvachief). I’d gotten to the point where the nostalgia had put the first two visual novels I’d played on a pedestal so if anything could top them in the future they’d have to be pretty damn amazing.


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7 Responses to My Visual Novel History (a.k.a A Series of Fortunate Events)

  1. The Otaku Judge says:

    Congrats on winning the AMV contest many moons ago. Haha, seeing the sex scenes for the first time must have been quite the shock. I don’t mind their inclusion in stories that feature romance as its the natural conclusion to a relationship that is building up.

    • Lazarinth says:

      I disagree with the sex being the natural conclusion, but I do see its importance for portraying where they are in their relationship, making the climax an conclusion between more effective.

  2. Kai says:

    Thanks for joining the project^^

    It was certainly odd to see the H-scenes in Fate/Stay Night. It should had been expected somewhat of cause, but when the story scenes were so detailed and lengthy, you would think they wouldn’t have time to fit in H-scenes, but.. they did, and sometimes, the reason behind these H-scenes can be pretty hilarious (hint: refilling MP)

    Aside from some random tweets, since I didn’t mention it anywhere else, I actually finished Steins;Gate, and I can totally see why it’s such a great visual novel. Well, the anime’s great too, of cause, but the visual novel, perhaps due to the nature of it’s medium, was able to dive into the specifics in greater detail. And for a title with so many infodumping like Steins;Gate, a visual novel is a pretty ideal format. I originally wanted to rewatch Steins;Gate, but figured I might as well read the visual novel and I can actually better understand all the scientific and technical jargon, or at least, as much as my “unscientific” mind can comprehend. Actually, I might want to write a review for Steins;Gate, although another one is in queue before this, lol.

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  4. Silvachief says:

    “Wait… wait a minute… tits?” may just be my favorite blog quote so far, especially because I can imagine how utterly confusing that would be after Fate/Stay Night’s beginning. And because the justification for that particular scene is ridiculous XD

    In other news, the great beast that is Umineko has finally fallen (after something like 2 months…) and a review of it has been written, so it’s almost time for Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate!

    • Lazarinth says:

      Damn, good on ya. Let me just say don’t judge my taste in visual novels on chaos;head; it’s okay but not great. Steins;gate on the other hand I’d more than willing to have my tastes judged on, if that is your order you’ll be leaving the best for last.

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