Words of Radiance (Holy Shit!)

WordsofRadiance-fullWhen Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson was brought to my attention my first impression was ‘Over a thousand pages, aye? Well, let’s see how long it can keep my attention for.’ Less than a week later as I turned the last page my mind was irrevocably changed, screaming, ‘Why did it end? I didn’t want it to end! That was like the best book I’ve ever read!’ And I still think that to this day.

Needless to say I was counting down the days to the release of the next book in The Stormlight Archive, Words of Radiance, and thankfully it was brought out in New Zealand a few days before it was brought out in American book stores. A few days wouldn’t seem like much to your average reader but for a true fantasy geek waiting those days are like a junky waiting for his next fix.words-of-radiance-manuscript

After getting my hands on this glorious twelve-hundred page brick of awesomeness and taking a seat on my bed, I was lost to the world. Because of my tenaciousness, many of my immediate friends had already read Way of Kings, so needless to say whenever I got to talk to them about the brilliance of its continuation their replies were a sarcastic, ‘What, the Way of King’s sequel is amazing? What a shock. I couldn’t have seen that one coming.’

Everything awesome foreshadowed in the previous book was delivered in a better way than I could have asked for. Characters that felt weak in The Way of Kings were made stronger and more interesting though immersive plot development. Expositions, conflict and twists were all portrayed in such ways that I was left yelling, “Oh, come on!” at the end of each part, forcing myself through a calming interlude before continuing on with the story.

Sanderson-StormlightArchivesUK-BlogThis book, along with The Way of Kings, is amazing, awesome and epic, both figuratively and literally. It is gut-wrenchingly emotional, clever, action packed and (considering glory is a theme in the series) rather glorious. For those who haven’t read Way of Kings yet, read it whenever you get the chance. If you can’t get a hard copy, find a PDF or an Audiobook online and listen to it on an MP3 player.

Whatever way you can, read these books.

Ranking: 10/10

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