Let’s get to know each other better… by sharing what we hate!

♪Loud people, fundamentalists and the consequences ignorance brings.

These are a few of my least favorite things ♪:


If the title didn’t make it clear enough this is a list of my least favorite of all the media I have watched, read…whatever. If you are picking up a theme of malice and distaste then you’re reading it correctly and for those who disagree and think I’m being too harsh let me make it clear that I’m being very lenient for these reviews, I could rant on forever. Most of these would get either a 1 or a 2 out of 10 on my rating scale.

Lucky☆Star Anime Lucky Star - 24 - 09

When I occasionally went to an anime club in university one of the clammier w’otakus (the kind that would shield his eyes and hiss “turn off the light!” when entering in his computer dungeon) recommended me the anime Lucky Star. I watched it, the whole thing, and let’s just say the next time someone recommended it to me I had a few choice words for him, dominantly, “You’re kidding me, right?” What a piece of weeaboo trash, I would have been happier if I had watched a blank screen for the length of the twenty four episodes it took to finish it. It had NO PLOT, even most slice of life stories progress a little by the end! If this is the kind of thing you like get off my blog and start taking acid and playing with doggy chew toys because it equivocates to the same experience, that or watch Azamanga Daioh, an anime and manga that achieved what Lucky Star failed to even attempt.

Eragon by Christopher PaoliniEragon_poster

I have about as much respect for Christopher Paolini as any teenager who gets their Star Wars fan fiction published and popularized to naïve children enough to become viral. I asked him in person at a con, “Farm boy, who discovers something wanted by an evil empire, goes to an old story teller, who was once a part of a magical race of peace keepers before betrayed by one of them. Together they go on a journey to a fortress to save a captured princess but on it the old trainer dies. Returning with the princess to the rebel base the farm boy becomes a hero in a hasty battle. Is this the plot to Eragon or Star Wars: A New Hope?” When answering he actually admitted that Eragon was never originally meant to be published, but I thought this was obvious by the book itself. Nostalgia and reading no other fantasy are the only justification for thinking this “book” is good.alex

Alexander the 2004 Film

I’m willing to admit that there are worse films than this (dominantly Dragonball Evolution) but I can see how a ten year old with no prior knowledge of Dragonball could enjoy it and it doesn’t go on torturing you for over three hours. Even its inaccuracy isn’t the thing that infuriated me, the Troy film was inaccurate as all hell (according to the Illiad) but at least it was entertaining. This was actually physically painful to watch, full of awkward scenes with bad dialogue and actors that just shouldn’t have been given those roles despite the star cast. Don’t let this put you off the Classics histories of Alexander, he was an incredibly interesting conqueror and had a fascinating campaign but this film just squats down takes a massive dump on his memory. Take it from me and don’t waste 3 and a half hours of your life.

Yu Yu Hakusho (Final Volumes)shonen

Don’t freak out Hakusho nostalgia freaks. I’m not saying this is a bad manga over all, but like the ending of Robin Hobb’s Farseer Trilogy (coming soon in a most overrated fantasy list) the ending of the last volume of it was terrible. You know manga has either lost its funding or an author has lost his interest in his own work when a manga looks like it has barely been sketched. In some of the final chapters you can barely tell what’s going on. I remember thinking when one of the more clearer images, an image the artist was probably more interested in than the others, and thinking ‘What, they were fighting, when…what?” That’s it in a nutshell.

The Ultimate Sonic Collectionfunny-Sonic-art-drawing

Collections shouldn’t really count but this just pissed me off. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Sonic when I was younger (I haven’t even played the new ones) and though for every good game there’s a bad one they have always managed a bit of a balance. But when you buy a game called ‘The Ultimate Sonic Collection’ for just under a hundred bucks you at least expect all of the older games you enjoyed in your youth. Sorry but it seems some of the more popular Sonic games are also more forgettable than you’d think.

Any disagreements comment below but don’t forget to add what media you hate or dislike or just find your least favorite of whatever to add to it as well, maybe I might need to update this list.

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21 Responses to Let’s get to know each other better… by sharing what we hate!

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  2. Overlord-G says:

    Lucky Star is for a “specific” audience. It’s hard to describe why I enjoyed it. It really is. I tried in my review of both it and Pani Poni but it was based on vague memories.

    Era-what? No I did see it but it’s forgettable.

    If I remember correctly the final Yu Yu Hakusho arc was the “underworld tournament thing”. I remember there was a sexy demon fighter in there (not Mukuro, who sucks) and that’s about it. Unlike Toguro or even Setsui (If that’s how his name is spelled) the demon with many ears is a forgettable villain. Setsui’s arc is where my enjoyment of YYH began fading. Everything up to Toguro was good though.

    I like some of the 3D Sonic games. Not all of them are bad.

  3. The Otaku Judge says:

    I enjoyed Lucky Star way more than Azamanga Daioh, as the main character was a geek which resulted in some gags I appreciated.

  4. Jazy says:

    I know what you mean about Yu Yu Hakusho for sure — it is and will probably remain my favorite anime of all time, but it’s last volumes were…well. Lacking. However this was largely due in part not only to Yoshihiro Togashi’s growing distaste towards the series, but also his deteriorating health. He was getting to the point where he just couldn’t draw anymore, but wanted to finish the series and get it done with. He was pressured into continuing when he really didn’t want to, and the stress from it made him suffer. Sadly, you see it still in his current series Hunter x Hunter. He’s had countless hiatuses and a lot of the chapters look like they were drawn with his left hand. He’s spent way too much time in the hospital and frankly should probably stop trying to write manga until he’s healthy again.

    As for Eragon, I don’t think I need to say much. I really liked the story when I was a kid but trying to re-read it just didn’t work for me. It’s the same with a lot of stories that have gotten over popular lately and I hope that when I crank out a book of my own it will at least be… well. Original.

  5. Mack says:

    But I do like Lucky Star. I mean is not that great, but is definitely something to watch ocasionally. No more than that.

  6. Kai says:

    “Amazoning”… sounds just about right, lol. I think before the game was even out, a lot of criticisms were made on the character designs, even most reviews of the game never failed to mention that particular issue.

    I will check out the youtube channel sometime soon xD

  7. Kai says:

    I recently bought Dragon’s Crown and being the Vanillaware-fan that I was, I was looking forward to it, but it wasn’t as good as I thought.

    It’s not because I really hate it with a passion or anything, but more of a disappointment. Especially since I feel that Dragon’s Crown just doesn’t have the same flair as the previous games, even though the atmosphere feels really Vanillaware-esque. Additionally, I feel that the game is made more towards multiplayer in mind. At later parts of the games, it all of a sudden gets incredibly grindy, which I assume it was a set-up so that you can have some more fun completing past missions (with new and higher level mobs) in multiplayer. All in all, it just seems like a game inclined in a more multi-player focus, and my disappointment with it resides from the fact that I’m more of a single-player type. Additionally, it’s way of storytelling feels really weird, it’s all third-person and there are no dialogues. Might feels unique for some but I don’t think it really works…

    • Lazarinth says:

      Yeah, I read somewhere else about how it was an odd game for vanillaware. Have you ever heard the youtube channel douchbagchocolat? He did a review on his take of the character design in what he calls amazoning of female characters. He generally does pretty funny stuff, his ‘should you watch series’ and ‘first impressions’ reviews in particular made me laugh pretty hard.

  8. Gangsta Z says:

    I hate it when there’s onions in everything I eat.

  9. Much like Silva mentioned, I was also too kind of enamored with the Eragon during my younger years. Despite never reading the novel and the plot synopsis familiar to almost EVERY High Fantasy title (especially David Eddings, The Belgariad – one of my favorites) guess it did sort of reminded me what I like about the genre. Although, yeah…the film was bad looking back on it now XD

    As far as what I hate, there are very few things, but more like just disappointed in. J.C staffs Starship Operators has to be one of the biggest consider how well everything went, but just didn’t work out due the weak writing. I also was bit disappointed when I started reading Wizard Of Earthsea in my Highschool AP Lit class, due to my own preconceived notations of what I thought it would be like. Found Ursula’s pose little to rich and dry at the time. However, after revisiting it from a few years ago, I better appreciate the writing and was a good story overall (found some interesting parallels between True Name magic and that of Death Note).

    • Lazarinth says:

      I think you’re going to enjoy my “most overrated fantasy list” I’m posting next Sunday, it’s going to have a bit to say on Wizard of Earthsea and Ursula Le Guin. The Belgariad did well to popularize the bildungsroman ‘hero’s quest’ in fantasy, though as you might notice from my recommendations list it doesn’t quite make it into my favorites mainly because of the later parts in the story.

  10. Silvachief says:

    My teenage self would disagree with your evaluation of Eragon (though I never read the later books, admittedly). Originality may not be its strong point but it was still an interesting and enjoyable read. Having said that, the film was absolute trash.

    The worst of the worst? For anime I would have to go with Canaan and Kara no Kyoukai. Oddly enough I like both of those shows even less than others i’ve dropped (namely 07 Ghost and Book of Bantorra) and both for the same reason. Their plots, thin as they were, were mangled and disjointed and completely unenjoyable for me. If I had to pick just one then i’d say Kara no Kyoukai…since Canaan had a really cool taxi driver.

    Games? Just because you have another comment on the subject i’ll go with FFXIII. That was 50 hours of my life that I desperately want back because they were completely wasted. I’m not sure about the either guy talking about feeling sorry for Hope, because he was human-shaped mass of purified whiny teenage angst that didn’t manage to squeeze a single drop of sympathy from me the entire game. And don’t even get me started on Vanille. Anyway, the story never goes anywhere interesting despite huge amounts of world-crafting and the combat is pretty much the same at the end as it is at the start with huge amounts of grinding in between. I couldn’t recommend any game less…since even terrible games like Too Human are so much shorter.

    Visual Novels? I’m not going to expand on these because the list is a tad longer. I’ll include VNs I think are horribly overrated. Sengoku Rance (#1 offender >.>), Zanmataisei Demonbane, Saya no Uta, Rewrite, Edelweiss, 999. Ever17 is another I feel is overrated but it certainly wasn’t bad.

    • Lazarinth says:

      Hah, well for Eragon I did say nostalgia was an acceptable justification. Yeah that’s why Alex’s comment on its film made me laugh. As for Kara no Kyoukai I would have to defend it by saying that it’s mangled disjointed plot structure was one of the aspects of the story that made the mystery elements stand out, wanting to know what pieces of the puzzle you were missing in order to put together the full story (if you have ever watch Christopher Nolan’s film Momento you get the same effect). Did you get to the end or drop it before the reveal?

      I’m glad I stopped at FFXII then. I was planning on playing it now that there’s a PS3 in my flat but after reading all of that I think I’ll just wait for the next KH game. I was actually going to ask you about Edelweiss now that i think about it. You seemed to give every other deardrops VN a thumbs up, what was it about this one that changed?

      • Silvachief says:

        I’m reasonably sure I got to the end (mostly because I was watching with friends) but can’t remember the reveal (remind me by email if you think it’s worthwhile). I think the issue was that I wasn’t hooked by the first couple of movies, so that along with the fact that I didn’t like all of the characters meant that I wasn’t interested enough to enjoy the later installments.

        Final Fantasy XIII was an absolute train-wreck. I kept waiting for it to get better but it never did >.< I loved Kingdom Hearts, so that sounds like a plan to me! Edelweiss was just…stupid, I guess. It had about 50 too many "but how do I know what hole to put it in?!" jokes and the heroine routes just weren't good enough to make the rest of the story worthwhile.

  11. Neversoft says:

    In 2002 when Square and Enix merged together to make Squarenix, there has not been as many decent games that have the same calibur as Final Fantasy pre-12. The feeling older Final Fantasies gave was that of being thrown into a world where it is up to the player to piece together the story and decide how they as a player will relate to the characters. Stories have felt forced and relationships between characters feel uninspired, your ragtag group of teenagers out to save the world are there for the player to create a range of diverse stereotypes. An example is the ability to choose your parties in VII & VIII, the main protagonist could be paired with an all female team, resulting in awkward and eye rolling situations.

    This was all done through the players decision, they have been taught that different conversations can be experienced depending on what characters the player wants to use. The opposite can be said about all male parties and mixed gender parties. Having favourite characters would give the player the feeling of character development that they were in control of, when there characters are used more, the more fleshed out their character becomes through these conversations. While having these characters, combined with the freedom the battle systems and equipment give, the player could create their own ‘archetype’ depending on the characters feelings towards them. Aries from FFVII lives in a church giving her a cleric or healer feel, players would then feel more inclined to equip her with healing magic, than say destructive fire magic.

    This is not seen as often in later entries to the series as many parties and abilities are forced through storytelling. Hope from FFXIII loses his mother at the fault of another party member and is rather pissed throughout the story. The game then forces Hope and his mothers killer, Snow to adventure together making for an awkward section of the game. Their abilities are all preset and it is up to the player to figure out the most efficient way to use them. which takes about 5 battles. Once that’s done, it’s press forward and X to win the game. The player is only feeling sadness for Hope as he deals with this asshole Snow. This breaks any synergy the player has with the two characters by themselves. I could understand that if the goal was to place these characters together who are having issues, for them to sort it out and move on and be happily ever after…but it doesn’t. Leaving the player feeling confused about why these sections are in the game in the first place as it all seemed pointless.

    Basically, my biggest issue is not the stories themselves, but the way they are told.
    There is very little foreshadowing or plot twists, no protagonist witnessing the mighty destructive power of the antagonist, no fierce rivalries.

    I dunno, Kingdom Hearts is still good, albeit confusing and having games on four different consoles makes it harder to keep up.

  12. Armando says:

    When it comes Yu Yu Hakusho I completely understand where you’re coming from, even though I think the anime did a much better job when adapting the manga and I still believe the characterization in that last arc it’s one of the best in shounen, it does leave you thinking that maybe Togashi could have done more. Personally, I would have LOVED to see a flashback of Raizen in his prime. Also, I think Togashi gets burned out or tired of his works faster than other mangakas.

    And yeah, Sonic Collection was bullshit. As for everything else, never seen/read them, guess I’m not missing anything lol.

    And let’s see, things I hate… I dislike a lot of things, but hate? Not really. The one and only thing that comes to mind right now that I hate with a burning passion is School Days… that damn show…
    Anyway, interested in hearing your thoughts about the Farseer Trilogy, I was never able to get through the first book.

    • Lazarinth says:

      When it comes to the Farseer Trilogy, as you said yourself, you not missing anything… besides maybe time wasting and descriptions of physical and emotional pain. I’m going to put up my most overrated fantasy list when i’ve written a review for Lies of Locke Lamora, which might be a double review if someone requests for the Book of Word review as well.

      Maybe an anime review after that, any suggestion on titles that’ll get some traffic?

      To be honest I didn’t watch all of school days (or is it more accurate to say i couldn’t bare to) the ending was the only thing I really watched in full and that was…well, it was something.

  13. Alex says:

    … Have you seen the Eragon movie? ‘Twas a veritable masterpiece.

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