Let’s Begin!

“The word fantasy is supposed to evoke any wondrous scenario the imagination can conjure but for some reason we keep coming back to the elves and dwarves!” – BEN “YAHTZEE” CROSHAW


I believe the word fantasy shouldn’t be limited to the constricting vice of it’s genre, being either the swords and magic of the epic or the vampires and fairies of the supernatural. Fantasy can be anything your imagination can fantasize about with or without fantastic events, settings or powers (though they do make it more interesting a lot of the time).

On this blog I will be exploring many fantastic fantasy from both western and eastern based art of different fictional genres and from different kinds of media platforms be it game, novel, anime, visual novel, film, comic or manga for the point of promoting stories that are worth spending your time on, as well as things I would recommend avoiding (personal taste being a fickle mistress).

I want the spirit of this blog to be about creating a continuous conversation with any one wishing to contribute an opinion on stories they’ve liked or disliked, whether I’ve reviewed them or not, whether I’ve watched them or not, because what’s cooler than discovering something that you have never heard of before but suits your tastes perfectly?

Epic aerial battles… maybe

Mysteries you could not see coming… probably.

A good story… definitely.

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